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As John Adams contemplated the future of the soon to be birthed nation, his thoughts wandered to generations yet to come. Writing to his beloved Abigail, he said, ” I must study Politicks and War that my sons may have liberty to study Mathematicks and Philosophy. My sons ought to study Mathematicks and Philosophy, Geography, natural History, Naval Architecture, navigation, Commerce and Agriculture, in order to give their Children a right to study Painting, Poetry, Musick, Architecture, Statuary, Tapestry and Porcelaine.” What the great patriot unconsciously noted is oft repeated pattern constituting the the rise and fall of civilizations. Phrased differently, one has a passionate and driven founding, followed by a period reverent and conscientious expansion. and finally a period of decline marked by a self indulgence that gives rise to disrespect for those that came before and a disregard for those who will come after.

Adam’s was a leading man of his time, but he was not alone. The closing of the epoch that was the late eighteenth century was a remarkable time, giants of intellect and foresight wandered the Anglo-Saxon world as well as to some extent continental Europe. During this time, men like Edmund Burke, William Pitt the Elder, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, David Hume, James Madison, ,Benjamin Franklin, and many others forged a new intellectual landscape. Not to say all the great men of that age were of equal benefit, in France men like Rousseau, Diderot, and Robespierre left their mark as well (to the detriment of all).

Out of this age came British and American conservatism, marked by the sincere desire to protect the fabric of society and the rights of individuals, in that order. Among the leaders of that time who adhered to this philosophy, it was universally recognized that virtue was essential for civil society to exist. It was also agreed upon, that a civil society was a prerequisite for individual freedom. So it was, that this understanding meant that, even among the most skeptical among these men of international renown, the general precepts of Judeo-Christian values and Natural Law (each understood as being complimentary and reinforcing the other) were seen as essential if social order, and freedom, were to co-exist in a harmonious state.

Unfortunately, out of the same age came the caustic and inhumane French counter revolution. Steeped in statism, and societal manipulation, this cancerous tumor of the human soul would seek to create that which had never been, and was against all nature. The prerequisite for their scheme was destruction of the civil society, hoping upon its ashes they could build their fantasy.

So it has been, one group building the greatest civilization the world has ever known, while the other tried to lay it all to waste. The successes of the first is seen in the great achievements of mankind, the other in its greatest tragedies.

Today the left are gaining the upper hand. In Europe they are undermining the society by mass immigration and caustic laws. In America, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia the same strategy has taken hold, even if the implementation is not exactly the same. Under it all, they rely on complacent public whose ignorance is enforced in state sponsored schools.

Just last week, a Federal Judge dictated to a school that it must patronize the mental illness of girl, and allow her the use of the boy’s restroom. Insanity with no bounds. If society is to patronize her confused mind, and force boys to endure female eyes at the urinal, why not do the same for others? Maybe there should be a law that men with a Napoleon Complex should be saluted on the street, or allow those with an Oedipus Complex to marry their mother. Why stop there, maybe society should look the other way as pedophiles molest their victims and give automatic pardons for thieves who claim to be kleptomaniacs.

Let there be no mistake, this is not about patronizing the fantasies of troubled minds, but an all out assault on human sensibilities. There are no boundaries in this war, no depth so vile that its perpetrators will not go, nor price too high. The streets of inner city Chicago, now a war zone, pay testament to their evil. Due wholly on the implementation of liberal policies, fragmented families and neighborhoods have led to chaos and death. It is also no surprise that mental illness is on the rise, and treatment in decline. At the same time, freedom is under assault from every side. Who could imagined a few years ago men in power would be calling for suspending due process, college campuses would become centers of anti free speech fever, and the Christian religion would be under such world-wide assault.

For the left, it is all part of the agenda. Their dream is to have a borderless wonderland, a world with no obstacle to prevent them from manipulating societies as they see fit. A true utopia, where hell has no boundaries. Not a conspiracy, but a shared vision of millions from Hollywood to Brussels.

Brexit is the first real sit back to the left and its vision since the elections of Reagan and Thatcher. In America, the elites appear to be in a win-win situation. Whether Trump or Hillary take the helm, their agenda will be kept on track. What the world is witnessing is nothing short of the collapse of a civilization, as dramatic as the downfall of the Roman and Mayan Empires. Beset with an internal rot, only drastic surgery can save the Western world from itself. How and who, can or will, take up such an imposing task is the question left to be answered.

“The Conservative Mind”

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