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Screams of terror as a mad man goes on an Islamic Jihad are unfortunately nothing new. In San Bernardino the suspects were a man and wife tag team of terror who left a child behind. In Boston, it was young bombers, with a lifetime ahead of them, who choose to murder in the name of Allah, and at Fort Hood it was a fellow trusted soldier in arms. These are not random acts of violence, but a religious war being carried out by those soaked in an ideology of hate.

The truth is, President Obama has done little to keep American’s safe and even turned his back on Europe when it was attacked. This time it was again America’s turn at terror roulette. A man named Omar Mateen, the son of Afghan immigrants, decided to create hell on earth in Orlando. He was well known to the FBI, as he had threatened to commit acts of terror before. Despite this, he seems to not of been on state and local law enforcement’s radar. One can well assume, if he had been a white supremacist threatening violence against minorities, authorities would of been much more vigilant. Unfortunately, under Obama, all things Muslim are treated with kids gloves, no matter the danger.

The truth is, the federal government under Obama has pulled back on programs meant to weed out extremist. Similarly, leftest mayors like de Blasio in New York have done the same. In place of a policy of constructive engagement, the administration has preferred not to just ignore the problem, but to a certain extent cover it up. The President  has forbidden surveillance at radical mosques, goes to great expense to deny most terrorism’s Islamic origins, and has even had extremist sympathizers into the white house for tea. In line with these blind policies, he has left the borders open and invited hoards of unvettable Muslim refugees into the country.

Many will assume this latest tragedy will play into the hands of Donald Trump, that may or may not be the case. What it should do is give Americans a reason to pause. The world is a dangerous place, probably the worst it has been since WWII. In many ways, the world today is even more dangerous for Americans than even then. The homeland, at that time, did not see massacres from deranged Germans or Japanese soldiers. Today, no one can feel safe out in public.

In addition, the Chinese are gobbling up ocean in what can only be seen as preparation for later land grabs. Similarly, Russia is seeking to rebuild its recently lost empire, while Iran seeks to regain an ancient one. In the midst of this storm, Obama can be seen most days playing golf and issuing executive orders that fail to address a single one of the many security issues facing the nation. If anything, his incompetence has exasperated the situation.

What the world needs now is not another left wing ideologue, or some hot headed amateur, but a President with intelligence and a steady hand. If anyone thinks this describes Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, they should hand in their voter registration cards. Hillary, with her misguided attempts to interfere in Libya and Syria, not only added to the misery and carnage of the Middle East, but had a hand in the rise of ISIS as well. Her dangerous arrogance in regards to her server and constant missteps have become the stuff of tabloid legend. A left wing charter member, she hasn’t near the flexibility of thought and strategy needed in times such as these. On the other hand, Trump’s penchant for the absurd is by now well known. His ignorance on foreign policy is constantly on display, as is his total lack of judgement.

It should be obvious to most by now, that to settle for the status quo, merely because the powers that be say Americans must, when a country’s future is on the line is not acceptable. The stakes are too high, and the consequences of failure too grim, to allow a Clinton or Trump to take the helm.

As Orlando takes its place among those places associated with Islamic Terror, the question is where and when the next strike will come. All that is known is come it will. Similarly, one can be certain that Russian troops will sooner or later march on another neighbor, as will the Chinese and Iranians. When one adds to this the risk to liberty at home, the economic precipice the world faces, and the burgeoning debt crisis, it has never been more important that American’s choose their leader well. It is no time to take a chance on those whose plans and records are dubious, or thoughts are clouded with ideological baggage.

“The Conservative Mind”

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