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This Dad Decided it was Time to Shop Elsewhere

The list of celebrities, leftest companies and other social misfits who are boycotting North Carolina, for deciding men and women should use their own restrooms, is growing. Good riddance should be attitude of those living there. Such influences fleeing the state is good news, not bad.  For certain, more will applaud their actions then not.

Among the insane ideas that have taken hold under President Obama, the push for bathroom “equality” has to be the worst. When a woman excuses herself to the sanctuary of the Ladies Room, it is as often as not to do something out of sight of male onlookers. Even for men, the restroom is a place where private things can be done without being under the eye of the opposite sex. This is natural, and understandable. The right to go to a public restroom and not be assailed by peeping Toms or sneaky Susans is a vital part of a civil society. It should come as no surprise that those for whom civility is a foreign concept,  this too is beyond them.

Often repeated here, conservatism is at its core a belief that both the rights of the individual and society must be protected. The first without the second is vain, self-indulgent, and anarchistic.  The second without the first is tyranny. Open bathrooms indulge the desires of a few, in total disregard for the rights of the many. If a more proper definition of tyranny exist, it has yet to be written by human hand.

Of course, some see this as a simple human rights issue, the question of course is by what measure?  Transgender is a made up term, a more PC way of referring to those suffering from Gender Dysphoria. Like all mental illnesses, the more you placate its sufferers, the more sufferers you have. Patronization tells those with weak symptoms, go ahead indulge your impulses, which they will until it becomes a full blown psychosis. Is such a path healthy for the individual, let alone the implications for society?

There is also the most common objection, that being the risk it poses for children. Of course the left only thinks of children when they are defending the right to flush them down a toilet or sell their body parts. This is followed closely by propagandizing the survivors. Nonetheless, the risk this insanity poses for children is very real. For those whose compulsive obsession is persistent, yet subdued, open bathrooms offer a unique opportunity. A way to indulge their fantasies through a type of voyeurism otherwise not afforded them. To suggest, as Hot Air does, that people with criminal intent will not be effected by the law one way or the other, is simply being naively stupid. The left plays such games, but thinking people know better. The conscience of man is only effectual when it is backed by societal mores that act as bulwarks against temptation. Like asking an alcoholic if he wants a drink, inviting those with deviant desires to indulge them can only end badly.

The truth is, to advance the idea that men and women of society should, as a whole, subvert their right to privacy in even the most intimate location, and endanger their children, simply to patronize those who deny their own reality is sick. It not only does nothing to advance human rights, it undermines them. Even those this agenda seeks to defend, the Gender Dysphoria sufferers, are left worse off. As their numbers increase, the chances of successful treatment or remission go down.

The worst of the worst, happens when those wrapped up in this insanity project their sick obsession onto their children. A parent who dresses up his or her little boy as a girl is guilty of child abuse equal to any other. Something, quite properly, would of gotten a visit from child protective services is now ignored.

None of this should be controversial, not in the least. But, in a world where people have become complacent towards evil, anything goes. Today, violent protestors throw fits like spoiled brats until they get their way. The ramifications of such things is a society that sinks to the level of its lowest common denominator. Thinking and having a moral compass is becoming a rare commodity, as is valuing what is right.

William F. Buckley was fond of saying to the left, stop. Today, the time for yelling stop has long past, it is now time pull the left back. This is a war, and the left is winning. It is time to fight back or risk losing everything. Conservatives must stop patronizing businesses like Target, and be willing to shame those who defend the indefensible. They must take the fight to the enemy on all fronts, or lose what is left of the civil society.

“The Conservative Mind”

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