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As the world seems to be turning upon itself, with humanity in an unceasing civil war, the ties of Western civil society seem to be breaking. From the often violent Black Lives Matter movement, and in your face LGBT activist to militant atheist, and beyond, many seem to be declaring their right to dictate the conscience of others. College campuses are awash in activist who believe their “right” not to feel uncomfortable trumps the rights of others to speak their mind or follow their faith. https://i0.wp.com/www.thecollegefix.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/freespeech-SamGraham-flickr-370x242.jpgFor these childish leftest, safe zones have been created. Supposed nonconfrontational respites from opposing views. Simultaneously, these spoiled miscreants threaten violence against those espousing ideas and values not akin to their own. The insaneness of this dichotomy never breeches their professed open minds.

Those practicing various forms of leftwing militant activism say they are against intolerance, even as they attack others for their beliefs. Like French revolutionaries screaming liberty, even as they marched others to the gallows, these new breed of activist are oblivious to their own hypocrisy. What is being witnessed is the replacement of the a conservative polite society with leftest politically correct barbarity.

What must be recognized, being politically correct (PC) is in and of itself paramount to a kind of tyranny. It lets the most radical, and uninhibited, members of society to dictate what is acceptable to the rest. Thus, being PC ends up reducing communities to their lowest common denominator. The truth is, a truly civilized society does not follow the dictates of whining self-indulgent extremist, but seeks to diminish the selfish dictates of individuals.

The more civilized and ancient method for creating a civil society, the polite society, was born of Christendom ages ago. From Medieval times through the Victorian era, people were taught to avoid avoid offending others. The emphasis was not on one’s self, but on responsibility towards others. People were taught not to offend, while also not taking offense. This polite/civilized society is world’s apart from what is being promoted today.

As opposed to the selfishness of today’s PC crowd, a polite society expresses a general concern about doing the right thing. This means not just looking after your neighbor’s well being, but one’s neighborhood and town as well. This is the true civil society, one built on cooperation and mutual respect. This outward looking viewpoint emphasizes responsibility above entitlement. Nowhere is this more true then when it comes to the welfare of children, tomorrows promise. This attitude even extends to future generations yet to be born. In the civil society everyone knows that they are part of something, something greater then themselves to which they owe respect.

In contrast, political correctness puts the emphasis on the individual in a manner totally at odds with these values of the past. It is the right transgender deviant to invade the privacy of opposite sex facilities that matters, not those who might feel violated and certainly not the children being put at risk. In the past, such behavior would of been seen as selfish, intolerable and wrong. Unfortunately, those that take exception to such rudeness are the one’s being publicly crucified while brutish buffoons in dresses are exemplified. Of course, it is not just so called transsexuals, but the whole spectrum of leftest deviancy that has taken this route. While this violent self centeredness is not resulting in heads rolling into baskets (not yet), people who speak out against this insanity often pay a high price nonetheless.

In many ways, the rise of Trump can be seen as being in the same vain as Black Lives Matter, LGBT, etc, militant activism. An egotistical self absorbed demagogue, a man like him would of been rejected out of hand just a short generation ago. In a world awash in selfishness, and giant egos, Trump is no longer recognized as the pariah he is. In a society where the reprehensible has become commonplace, even commendable, Trump fits right in. There is a reason for thousands of years Judeo-Christian values have espoused humbleness, and disdained being prideful and haughty. Trust, love, caring, cooperation and all good characteristics of the human spirit come from the first, only evil can come of the second. Trumpism and radical activism are in shadowy reflections of the same societal disease. One that raises the self over the welfare of others.

The founding fathers correctly surmised, only a moral people can rise up to the challenge of ruling themselves. The truth is, controlling oneself is the only substitution for the brutish control of the state. Similarly, stability requires a people look out for others and their posterity. The poisonous rot of liberal ideologies attacks the moral sinews of society, ripping them from their anchors. In their place instilling the vines of future tyranny via a state that dictates and rules over mind, body and soul.

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