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The nihilist running international policy in the EU have created a situation that is bound only to get worse. The policy of letting in millions of unvettable refugees has compounded the problems creating by European Muslim ghettos. The basis of this unfathomable mistake is a liberal ideology that equates all cultures and morals as being equal in validity. As rapes, assaults, and other crimes skyrocket, the falsity of this belief is being laid bare. In a culture that believes women deserve to be raped if they do no follow a strict code of modesty, European women are a candy store for the taking. Adding to this, is the little published cultural acceptance of raping little boys by many Middle Eastern societies. To look upon such barbarity as being morally equivalent to Western mores is insanity.

Given all of this, and total disdain that many Muslim immigrants, and Refugees, from backward areas feel for those they deem infidels, the present situation was not only predictable, but inevitable. Medieval societies, with their reprehensible worldview, are simple not compatible with a more enlightened world. Followers of Islam who come from more advanced areas can and often do assimilate, but those from backwater areas simply do not. Instead, they separate themselves in conclaves of poverty and bitterness. The refugee crisis has added something new to this situation, a conduit of terror through which ISIS travels at will.

While Paris was an act of unspeakable horror, and the carnage in Brussels an example of evil at work, ISIS sees this as but the beginning. With hundreds of well trained terrorist spread across the continent, it plans even more carnage. Thanks to European hospitality, they have a built in support network to operate from as well.

The coming weeks many threats will come, most unfulfilled. Like clicking the trigger of an unloaded gun at the soon to be executed, it is all part of their game. Their wish is to keep Western societies on edge. Jumping at the sight of their own shadows as it were, until the next horrific attack is fulfilled.

It was possible for Europeans and Obama to exercise compassion without tempting fate or committing suicide. Simple coordinated efforts to create safe zones within Syria would of done the job. Like giving to a shelter or dropping coins in a beggars cup is a wiser alternative to opening your home to vagrants, this would of allowed for Christian charity to take place without tempting fate.

Unfortunately wisdom comes late to fools, and often not at all. Case in point is President Obama, who still does not look at ISIS as a threat. His no show at the Paris unity rally after the Charlie Hebdo killings has become a pattern. He seems to excuse Islamic radicals and prefer to blame Christians for the massive amount of bloodshed in the name of Muhammad.  He showed absolute indifference to the latest attack in Brussels. He laughed it up with the Castro brothers in Cuba, and danced the night away in Argentina, even as body parts were scrapped off the floors in Belgium.

The truth is, it was absurdly foolish to believe massive numbers of people from a backward culture could suddenly become good little Frenchmen, Belgians, Germans or whatever. It is doubly so when their version of Islam is bathed in cruelty and intolerance. Add to this the popularity of evil organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda amongst them, their should be no surprise that with their arrival death and mayhem become part of the bargain.

NetanyahuNetanyahu Addresses AIPAC

While speaking of Islamic terrorists, Benjamin Netanyahu got it right when he said, they “have no resolvable differences.” Their culture is one of death or submission to their will. In short, become one of us or die. No jobs program or after school basketball will make things alright. With Europe now flooded with sympathizers to this point of view, should anyone be surprised at the outcome?

Europe is beset with a multicultural rot that is a prelude to unending internal warfare. European Culture, a thousand years in the making, is likely in its death throws. By refusing to admit that certain religious and cultural differences are irreconcilable, or even the baser nature of some societies, it is committing suicide. The bombs and bodies that beseech its cities are but a symptom of a deeper, self-inflicted, cultural cleansing of all they hold dear. Something America should take note of, for it is not immune to this same.

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