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When Andrew Breitbart died many felt the pain. Fearless in life, Andrew was one of those driven individuals who followed his passion.  For him, it was the relentless pursuit of the truth and breaking the mainstream media news monopoly. He went after stories, like the Pigford scandal, that others ignored. Known for being willing to take his questions to anyone anytime, he literally went places others wouldn’t. Where angels feared to tread, and devils dared not go, that was where you’d find Andrew Breirbart.

Andrew Breitbart started his race to prominence through the stories he put on his site Brietbart.tv. A strong advocate for citizen journalism, he lived what he preached. His site grew and became something more than what it started out to be. He formed Brietbart.com, planning on becoming the conservative Huffington Post. With multiple contributors, it was on its way towards becoming a premier news site when he died. He was then on the verge of making a switch to a new and more broad ranging platform.

Eulogized on this site and across the nation, he showed what an individual of integrity and passion could accomplish. In the tears there was some comfort as well, the fledgling news organization he founded had vowed to continue the dream, Breitbart.com would live on. In a very real way, this kept him alive as well. Dedicated to the principals of its founder, Breitbart news was dedicated to carrying the torch he had lit. At least that was how it was supposed to be.

In August 2015, Buzzfeed broke the story that Donald Trump had bought off those in charge of Brietbart.com. Based on anonymous tips from insiders, the story never got much traction, but it had a ring of validity to it. After all, Ben Carson basically admitted he endorsed Trump in exchange for a future appointment. Sarah Palin also endorsed Trump after he promised the same, and likely Jerry Falwell Jr got his thirty pieces of silver as well. For Trump, a man who had made a fortune buying off politicians, co-opting Breitbart.com was right in character. Not that Trump is to blame, slime does what it does, but for those who betrayed the legacy entrusted to them, their sin is much worse. The selling of Andrew Breibart’s legacy, which seems to be what happened, is an example of the kind of evil Andrew fought against.

While some may balk at the insinuation that Breitbart.com was bought off, the evidence is pretty striking. Before the alleged payoff, Ted Cruz was the organizations go to guy, afterwards he was out and Trump was in. Not only was Trump suddenly getting tons of support from Breitbart.com, their previous saint Cruz became a pariah whose every word was twisted. The truth is, no one can really argue that Breitbart.com has become a 24 hour Trumpathon. Much like the words of The Donald himself, in its pages one finds truth bent beyond recognition and lies painted in pastels. Knowing that Andrew would of  denounced a conservative site for patronizing its candidate in such a way, as quickly as he would of a CNN or ABC for coddling the Clintons, makes it all the worse.

Some sense of justice is finally coming to Brietbart.com, even if it is too little and possibly too late. After the recent sacrifice of one of its reporters on the alter of Trump, the fraying of the new’s site is starting. First to jump ship was Breitbart spokesman, Kurt Bardell.  His exodus was followed shortly there after by their most prestigious editor at large, Ben Shapiro. Nearly simultaneously, the Trump campaign assault victim, Michelle Fields, also resigned. As of this writing, two more have followed suit. When 5 people resign from a news organization, most of whom have no known jobs to move on to, it speaks volumes about their former employer. Of course, it was not just their actions but they have spoken out as well.  Some echoing the charge that Trump has bought the news outlet lock stock and barrel.  Calling the site Trump’s Pravda, they said they could no longer participate in smearing of Andrew’s legacy. Actions that have come later then they should of, but kudos all the same.

A tragedy all the way around, it shows how much damage an unscrupulous demagogue with lots of money can do. The reputation of Breitbart.com and the dream it held is wounded, potentially mortally. With its demise, so goes the dream of Andrew Breitbart, a second death. The difference is this time there can be no debate, this was not death by natural causes, it was murder.

“The Conservative Mind”

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