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It is undeniable that Trump has hit a nerve, in a country starving for leadership he appears to filling the void. Unabashed and unafraid, he treads where others fear to walk. This comes after eight years of a man who tickled ears with empty platitudes, and nice sounding phrases, but was hard pressed to stand up against anything except the American people. With little doubt, Trump’s no nonsense style has garnered him a devoted following. While Trump appears to have nothing in common with the present president, there is at least one thing they share. Both he and Barack Obama have penchant for over using the pronoun “I.”

While Donald Trump’s backbone may be of steel, his core is pure jello. Donald Trump’s beliefs seem to change by the moment, even on such fundamental issues as abortion and gun rights. As late as October he was praising the advantages of a government controlled single payer healthcare system! While other candidates stayed the course, he has waffled back and forth on funding Planned Parenthood. One of the things he has not wavered in is his support for the Kelo decision; the Supreme Court case that allowed the government to steal land from the poor for the sole purpose of giving it to rich developers like him.

Few seem to realize, Trump, until recently, was a left wing liberal who dumped large amounts of cash into Democratic coffers. He not only was an avid supporter of abortion on demand, he wanted to legalize illicit drugs, and implementing punitive income taxes as well. It was no wonder he was a Clinton favorite, especially given how often he use to sing the praises of Hilliary. He even supported Barack Obama and piled accolades on the President throughout 2009.  In 2010 he gave $50,000 to Obama surrogate Rahm Emmanuel’s campaign.

This is a far cry from the six pack billionaire he is now portrayed to be. The question is, what Significant Emotional Event could of triggered such a transformation? A thorough investigation into the matter seems to come up with but one explanation, he wanted to run for president.

In a naked attempt to gain popularity, he has shown what true populism is. By masterfully reading polls, he has been able to give a voice to the voiceless. Trump, who has made billions over his lifetime by correctly divining what it is people want, is a master of market research. This talent that has given him the uncanny ability to select the right issues upon which to build his popularity. Many of the problems he cites have been long ignored, hidden as it were, under a cloak of political correctness. Nonetheless, it is a mistake to assume what he says is what he means. His history gives no hint that this might be the case. In fact, a President Trump might just take his supporters down a road they would rather not go.

No shrinking violet, there is little hope that Trump might be willing to forego adding to Executive Office power grabs. While Mr. Trump’s followers may be conservatives, he certainly is not. He doesn’t espouse constitutionalism, and his stand on most social issues is an enigma, as are the depth of his religious convictions. On the other hand, in some areas he has been crystal clear.

His plans for tariffs on Apple products and increased ethanol subsidies shows his love for crony capitalism. His statement, we (Americans) kill people too, when confronted with the fact Putin assassinates journalists and political opponents reveals he embraces liberal moral equivalency.  He touted his extreme left wing sister as the type of Supreme Court Justice he would appoint. Donald also brags he can make deals in Washington, but is that what Washington needs?

For Trump, it is all about the Art of the Deal. This is why the Washington establishment is running to his side. The establishment recognizes Trump is one of them, someone who will keep the gravy train and their expansion of power on track. Truth is, the Trump of today is not fundamentally different from the man who supported Obama’s bailout of the UAW and the grand apology tour. A switch hitter, Trump has conveniently always chosen to be on the side that benefits him the most. He was anti-gun when hobnobbing with New York elites, and avid gun rights as a newly baptized Republican.

Trump’s only steady conviction is his belief in Trump. A soulless salesman, he is an establishment Trojan Horse. Devoid of strong convictions, he prefers to advance using low ball insults, clever catchphrases, and pompous platitudes all strung together with unmatchable gall. All the while keeping his true convictions, if any, mostly hidden. While Trumpian populism and unabashed nationalism might be good for building poll numbers, it is not the basis of sound governance. A Trump presidency would lead to a disastrously liberal Supreme Court, increased interventionism, and few trinkets of progress. In short, Trump would be a catastrophe for conservatism.

“The Conservative Mind”

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