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For months after the Benghazi Attack, the Obama Administration steadfastly refused to admit that the event wasn’t a protest turned out of control riot. For most, the blaming of it on a video was an election year ploy. He after all had been touting Libya as a success. While this is a plausible explanation, there is a more troubling one.

Thanks to the Benghazi hearings, the world now knows Mrs. Clinton told the President of Libya and the Egyptian Prime Minister, within hours of the attack, that she knew it was done by terrorists. She even let her daughter in on the truth before going public with a much different story. This does not make sense, that is unless she was told at the last minute to change her story to match the administration’s narrative. Reports came out later that the CIA was also told to change their report so it reflected the possibility the video protest fairly tale was true. This is a pattern does not stop with Benghazi.

Sheryl Attkisson recently reported that the President’s inner circle says he selectively reads intelligence reports. Scanning only those that he thinks fit his  world view. Almost simultaneously, it was found out that the intelligence community has been under pressure to doctor its briefings to Obama, apparently to avoid offending that same world view.

This refusal to look reality in the eye has shown itself throughout Obama’s tenure as President. The first egregious example is when he pulled troops out of Iraq. He did so even though he had been warned terrorist like Al Qaeda or ISIS would come in and fill the power vacuum. He called the rising threat of ISIS a JV team while ignoring the massive numbers of atrocities were they committing. He also refused to stand with world leaders after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Instead he made speech that emphasized that “the world does not belong to those that insult the prophet Muhammad.” Recently, Secretary Kerry, channeling his inner Obama, called the Hebdo murders rational, after slipping and calling them ‘legitimate.’ Just weeks ago the President declared ISIS contained, a declaration that totally ignored the opinions of his intelligence analyst. Hours later ISIS would kill over a hundred people in Paris.

In a not unrelated matter, he has been dedicated to an open border policy that facilitates the flow of drugs, crime and low wages into the U.S., and ships guns, money and violence into Mexico. Now he seeks to import Syrian refugees from terrorist areas he claims will be fully vetted before hand, despite the fact that his own FBI director says they can’t be vetted.

To understand this psychotic behavior, one needs to look to the three great influences upon his life. He acquired staunch anti-colonialism from his father, gained strong Islamic sympathies through his step father, and rabid social/economic justice ideas via his child hood mentor, the communist Frank Marshall Davis. Combined, these paint of a picture of Obama’s demented mind. To him, all the world’s poor are all victims of the wealthy, Muslims are victims of Christians and Western imperialism, and white’s are genetically inclined to be imperialistic and racist. Anything that does not fit into this box, is rejected out of hand.

This former community organizer wants to right the wrongs of social and economic injustice around the world. In the case of Muslims in the Middle East, he sees them as victims of both social and economic injustice and Western Imperialism. To him, this has created an anger that fuels groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. For Obama, these marauding minions are not fanatics as much as they are angry unemployed victims of the West. Consequently, his way of fighting them is dissuade their actions through selective bombing and killing the leadership, rather than destroying their evil, root and all. As he sees it, he is trying to avoid adding to the sins they West has committed against Islamic lands. Subsequently, he is incapable of fully confronting the ISIS threat. Even a hundred San Bernardino Massacres are unlikely to change this.

In light of his twisted outlook, no one should be surprised that instead of standing up for the victims of this weeks terror attack, he tried to blame them by calling it a work place dispute. A narrative he continued with even as the facts became clear. Echoing Rahm Immanuel, the administration seems more intent on capitalizing on the event, to advance their agendas, than protecting the American people from further such attacks. Even Obama’s Attorney General said the slaughter represented a “wonderful opportunity” for positive change. For this administration, the enemy is guns, and micro-aggressions, not radical Islamic terrorism.

Demented, deranged and dangerous, this White House sees the world through the distorted lens of social and economic justice. Even with a pool of dead bodies piling up on their doorstep, they remain in a ideological stupor. The slaughter of people in San Bernardino matters no more to them than the killing of innocents in Paris or the barbaric genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq. The only good news is the world only has to deal with their incompetency for another year, which happens to be the bad news as well.

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