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Playing off of the West’s sense of Christian charity,many on the left continue to blindly call for increased immigration from Syria. While many say it is somehow an obligation of the west to accept the millions displaced by Obama’s folly, any attempt to discuss the dangers is met with scorn. Racist, Islamophobic and even paranoid are the terms often lobbed at those who question the prudence of such actions.

The truth is there is much to question about the current insanity that is passing for humanitarianism. That only one of the attackers is confirmed to be a refugee belies the fact that others had used refugee status as cover to travel to Syria and back. Their leader bragged on the ease with which he was able to come and go from his ISIS training ground. Using the masses of refugees as cover, he slipped out to fight with ISIS and then came back in without notice. He of course was not the only one. One of the bombers at the theater had followed the same pattern as was verified by his family.

The claim that the refugees have been fully vetted, or even can be, falls flat when scrutinized to any degree. It is not just the ease at which the terrorist are able to infiltrate the throngs escaping Assad, the Russians and ISIS, nor is it the many radical sympathizers unquestionably among them, but the merely the fact there is no way to tell them apart. The FBI director testified that they simply have no data upon which to verify who is who. Even supposed paperwork, when it exist, is so easily forged that it also becomes totally unreliable. Making things even more convoluted, almost half of the refugees are coming from places other than Syria. Masses who know what liberals pretend not to, that joining the fray is the best way of getting into Europe unscrutinized.

The question then becomes, upon what are those on the left basing their confidence that the incoming refugees are not dangerous? Apparently they are basing it on wishful thinking and little else. The idea that out of millions of refugees, or even a few thousand, there are no radicals willing to die, so many others can also, is pure fantasy. Vetting so many people would be daunting, even if they were coming from a developed country, but from a war torn region with no resemblance of organized record keeping it is totally impossible. The truth is, besides claims to the contrary, the United States has already seen refugees turn terrorists. The Boston bombers are the most infamous, but others from Somalia, Bosnia and the Middle East have went rogue as well, twelve noted this year alone.

The only refugees, whom we can be reasonably certain are not terrorist, are the Christians. Given they are victims of atrocious crimes and attempted genocide, they should be, by law, put to the head of the line. Instead, these people who have suffered so much, have been singled out as less deserving than their Muslim neighbors. So far this year only 1.6% of refugees admitted into the U.S. have been Christian, this despite Syria being 10% Christian with nearly 70% of those having fled there homes. President Obama says he will not implement a religious test for refugees to increase the number of Christians, but apparently  he has no problem making sure Muslims are well represented. It seems the President would rather take chances on those he knows have terrorist among them than those who have endured, most directly, the wrath of their evil.

Loading a bullet into a revolver before spinning the cylinder and aiming it at your own head is a fools game, but it is a game the President has no problem playing when the gun is aimed at the American people. While Obama may not worry that, among the tens of thousands he wishes to bring to the U.S., there may be a few hundred ISIS members/sympathizers, the American people do.

Europe has already started to pay a price for its leader’s foolishness, While Paris was tragic, it is likely only the opening act. News of planned attacks are coming in almost daily. So far the United States has been spared the worst of the terrorists plans, but that is now likely to change. With Syrians and others knocking on the porous southern border, and thousands more waiting for a free ride, the likelihood of a similar event like Paris happening in America grows daily.

While Barack Obama and his fellow blind compatriots can poke fun about being scared of widows and 3 year old orphans (most of the refugees are men), there will be no last laugh when people start to die. He may be safe from attack in his fortress home and small army of sworn protectors, but the Democratic Party will find no where to hide from the wrath of a betrayed electorate.

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