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https://i0.wp.com/overpassesforamerica.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/muslim-freedom-go-to-hell.jpgEurope is careening towards cultural suicide to the applause of the region’s elitist left. In the United States, liberals seem to be jumping in anticipatory glee at the thought of the same happening in America. Correspondingly, many of Christendom’s enemies are anticipating its fall. Like vultures swirling around a dying man, ISIS, Iran, Russia, China and a host of others are looking forward to a post West world. The left, for its part, is cheering it on; totally oblivious to the fact it will likely mean their own destruction as well.

The truth is, the light of Christendom has led the world out of the dark ages, and made it what it is. Without Christian monks, much of Western history would of been lost. Correspondingly, Protestant Christians pushing literacy as a moral obligation resulted in a Renaissance of learning. It was the moral crusade of Christians that snuffed out slavery and instilled in the Western mind the respect for human dignity. Their belief in mankind’s right to spiritual freewill laid the foundation for freedom of speech and association, things now embraced by most of the world. The respect for hard work, and the knowledge that a man is worthy of his wages, resulted in the shunning of mercantile world and the rise of capitalism. The truth is, the West was built on a rising morality that made it a beacon to the world and stabilizing force, something epitomized by America.

The left, on the other hand, seeks a Brave New World. One of economic parity where government acts as the god and soul of society under some vague banner of the greater good. A place where a few in charge grant the many their rights and what they need to survive. A world where all vestiges of class and differences  among the masses is wiped clean: Including family, sex, religion, and even cultural identity. Of course, in order for this to succeed the family and cultural glue that acts as a bulwark against radical change must be overcome.

In pursuit of their goals, the left has been relentless and undeniably successful. One can see that success in the devaluing of work, undermining of the rule of law, the fracturing of society along racial and political lines, and most of all the decline in morality. Less obvious is the connection to the West’s growing financial instability and economic woes. With all of this has come a loss of moral authority and the dimming of the West’s shinning beacon of light to the world.

Many of those who once looked to the west with awe and respect, now disdain it. The countries of Christendom, who helped sparked the Muslim reform movement at the turn of the twentieth century, now cause many Muslim’s to recoil in disgust as they return to their faith’s Medieval roots. What the left has sought, the removal of foundations two millenniums in the making, is not creating the Nirvana they seek. Instead they are releasing the forces of hell long held at bay.

What the left has never understood is the character of mankind. Men and women have a nature, one that is characterized by selfishness, and an innate need for meaning. These are often, but not always, in opposition to each other. The West led the world in societal development by harnessing both of these for the greater good. By undermining all that that allowed this to happen, the left is destroying the wall between civilization and anarchy. While they are right to believe that as traditional society wains, the resulting vacuum will give an opening for a new order to develop, they fail to appreciate that they have no control over what or whom fills it.

The rise of radical Islam and the fall of western morality are not coincidental, nor is the increases in riots and hate. Even spiraling national debts and Western economic decline are connected to the success of the liberal agenda. It is also true that as Christendom gives way to atheism and the occult, that its societies have become ever more melancholy and preoccupied with death. All signs that the foundations of Western Civilization are cracking.

It has become abundantly clear that the constant and relentless liberal onslaught, like the barbarian invasions of Rome, have weakened the West and put it into decline. A slide into chaos that has an eerily familiar feel to it. If the world remains on the present course, it might again have to rely on a remnant few to hold the light of civilization alive.

“The Conservative Mind”

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