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Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, October 22, 2015. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEb

There is little that is consistent when it comes to Hillary Clinton, but lying is one of them. She can do it with ease and never shows a hint of guilt. Maybe that is because she has been allowed to get away with it for so long. While in the White House she was continually lying, even about trivial things. She once said she was named after Sir Edmond Hillary, even though he became famous well after she was born. During her first presidential bid she claimed she came under fire disembarking a plane in Bosnia in 1996, of course no such thing ever happened as confirmed by both a video and eye witness accounts. Earlier this year she claimed all her Grandparents were immigrants. This was not totally untrue, one of them actually was!

Of course most of her lies have not been so inconsequential. During the investigation of her Rose Law Firm activities and the White Water dealings, she repeatedly said she had no ideas where the records were and even claimed they had been destroyed. Unfortunately for her, when she forgot them on a White House coffee table some of the staff saw them. Even after being caught red handed, so to speak, she continued to declare she had no idea how they got there. This despite the fact her fingerprints were all over them! The Clintons famously stole artwork and other items from the White House, she called them personal gifts. The lie did not get too far, she and Bill had to cough up $86,000 dollars to pay back the U.S. government. This was at the same time she claimed her and  Bill were dead broke. More recently, she said the State Department approved of her using a private email server. Despite this claim, nothing has ever been produced to support it. She also said she used the personal account to avoid using both a Black Berry and an Iphone for email, of course she has been photographed using both. From the beginning of this controversy she maintained that her email server was secure and only contained unclassified information, but the world now knows the server was hacked and that it contained a treasure trove of classified material.

This week it has been her Benghazi lies that have been under the microscope. The media proclaimed Hillary victorious after her testimony before the Benghazi select committee. They did so while totally ignoring the bombshells that were revealed.  The very next day after the attack she phoned the President of Libya and the Prime Minister of Egypt to tell them they knew it was a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with the video. She even emailed her daughter to inform her that it was an Al Qaeda related attack. What she did not do was inform the American people of what she knew. Instead she collaborated with the Obama administration to spread the lie about a video inspired protest that got out of hand. The truth is, President Obama and Secretary Clinton were co-conspirators caught in a web of lies meant to deflect criticism of the administration’s systemic policy failures. Not that this is all news, but the fact there is now smoking guns to prove it is. Unfortunately, the sycophants pretending to be reporters in the mains stream media do not agree. For them, the whole appearance was nothing but grand theater with Mrs. Clinton playing center stage.

One of Hilliary’s senate colleagues once called her a congenital liar, something she tried to laugh off. The truth is, while she might not have been born that way, she certainly carries all the markers of being pathological. She lies about what she does, what she wants to do, and even what she believes. She lies not just to advance an agenda or cover her tracks, but even when there seems no logical reason to do so. Trust is something most people rank high as one of the character traits people look for in a President. This is true of both Republicans and Democrats.  Despite this, Hilliary’s adoring throngs seem to ignore her consistent inability to be truthful. The liberal media, for their part, continually enable and cover for her lies. In so doing they have become co-conspirators in her deceptions.

It is clear Hillary does not deserve to be President.  It is also becoming evident she belongs in jail, and would likely be under arrest by now if her name was not Clinton. Of course, for the liberal elite none of this matters. For them breaking the law, lying to the American people and showing total lack of character has never been an issue. In fact, such behavior is a career enhancement if they deem it was done to advance their agenda. Similar to all fanatics, for the liberal establishment lying, cheating, stealing and even murder, is all acceptable depending on the circumstances. If anyone doubts this, just look at how they lionize Che Guevara.

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