A Troubled Mind: President Obama’s Inner Demons


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There has been many denizens of the White House whose actions were influenced by baseless fears and inbred prejudices. President Nixon was famously paranoid, seeing enemies at every turn and betrayal lurking around every corner. How much his mental state influenced his creation of the famous enemies list, use of the IRS as a weapon and even his cover-up of a break-in he had nothing to do with, the world will never know. What is certain is that his paranoia impacted his decision making and haunted him the entire time he was in office.

President Clinton collected the FBI files of over 500 friends and foes, for what end one can only suppose. This tendency towards secrecy and intrigue can be seen throughout the lives of both Bill and his wife. Hilliary could not find missing Rose law Firm files until they showed up on her coffee table. Then there is the mysteries surrounding Vince Foster’s suicide and who can forget Travel Gate? More recently, Hilliary’s use of a private server compromised national security. Why she felt compelled to do what was blatantly illegal is unknown, but it is merely the continuation of a pattern of behavior that is decades long. A pattern that can likely find its origins in a mental pathology that is at this point beyond her control.

The mind of President Obama seems to be affected with a similar low level madness. Recently a European diplomat confessed that his country’s leaders see the President as mentally unstable. An observation not without merit. While many of his questionable actions could be brushed off as those of a blindly ambitious ideologue, not all can. What seems apparent is that his years of preaching victimization and his embrace of Black Liberation Theology seems to have taken a toll.

Like Nixon, President Obama has a well known enemies list, and has used the IRS against those he sees as political adversaries. While this might deem him ruthless it is not enough alone to shove him into category of being mentally ill. More disturbing was his listing of conservative groups and even war veterans as potential terrorist. In contrast, he has claimed that Islamic terrorists are just members of the frustrated unemployed, with the fact they are Muslim being merely coincidental. The truth is, he has continually denied the existence of Islamist terrorism on one hand, and showed an irrational fear of a domestic uprisings on the other. A combination that suggest his ability to discern reality from his own prejudices is impaired.

Following Obama’s lead, the Justice Department (DOJ) recently declared it planned on no longer concentrating on internationally inspired terrorists. Despite increasing threats from ISIS and others, it would be focusing on “domestic” threats instead. Who are these ominous threats to internal security it feels compelled to take on, in lieu of terror cells and potential Boston Bombers? Basically, anyone on the right it declares to be a hate group or anti-government is fair game. Given the history of the administration, this list will include the Tea Party, Catholics, family centered organizations, veterans, and various other conservative groups. This change in policy should give everyone pause for thought.

Combined with this insanity, is the arming of bureaucrats with military hardware.  Americans learned that the Bureau of Land Management had sniper teams during the stand off at the Bundy Ranch. The IRS has ordered guns and military style weapons as well. As if following suit, the Department of Homeland Security has reported to be stockpiling tons of ammo, even the U.S. Post Office has gotten in on the action. Most recently, it was discovered that the EPA had ordered tons of weaponry including armored personnel carriers. The question to be asked is for purpose?

One has to wonder if President Obama has wandered down a rabbit hole of paranoia? Has his world view so clouded his judgement that he can no longer decipher what the real threats are? Does he and his administration seem to think there is some potential for an armed coup-d-etat or at least regional insurrections? This seems to be the logical conclusion given the rhetoric coming out of the DOJ and the continuing revelations of large scale arming up of non-law enforcement entities.

Barack Obama, a man who unable to look at the rise of radical Islam and see the threat it poses, is at the same time in constant fear that grandfathers protesting his fiscal policies. Additionally, his foreign policy is decipherable by no one and his economic plans seem to defy rational explanation. Even his day to day reactions to events seem somehow disjointed from reality. Again, some of this can be attributed to being a steadfast ideologue, but can it all be?

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