Death in Oregon: Just a Symptom of the World Wide Epidemic of Liberal Inspired Hate


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As the latest tragedy to unfold is exploited for all it is worth, the inevitable same liberal talking points are batted back and forth by media talking heads and left wing politicians. Gun control is the answer they keep saying, as if the gun was a co-conspirator in the crime. Real answers only come in response to real questions, unfortunately the liberal mind is interested in neither. For them each event is looked at through the lens of ideology and agenda advancement.

The Oregon shooter was an anti-Christian zealot whose hatred came in part from the tutelage he received by way of America’s modern liberal culture. A culture that is not so much ingrained in the people, but in their institutions of learning and the press. Of course the blame does not end with Christian bashing by liberal elitist and their adoring media lapdogs.

In at least half the killing sprees, and by most accounts much more than that, psychotropic drugs were being used by those guilty of mass killings. This is of course the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands are injured, commit suicide and even murder due to the misuse of these drugs. Nonetheless the liberal establishment sees no use in going after a root problem such as this, for them exploiting tragedies for their own ends is a much better option.

While much ignored, the real epidemic of violence is in America’s inner cities. Kids killing kids has become an everyday occurrence in places like Chicago, Compton, Detroit, and DC. That these neighborhoods were once safe is ignored, instead there are calls for gun control ringing out by those eager to set the blame on anything except where it belongs. The truth is there is no secret as to why so many are dying and many more are wasting their lives. One only has to look back to when the streets where safe and kids stayed in school to see what changed. The breakdown of families and the social fabric that held these communities together is irrefutable. So is the fact that this corresponded to both the rise in violence and the increased influence of liberal politics. The first being the result the second the cause of the breakdowns in family and civil society.

Despite all of this, liberals see no reason to turn from the path they have set the country on. Quite to the contrary, they seem intent on instilling hate and division across the globe. Through endless speeches by progressive politicians, and propagandized educational materials, all built upon in a thousand editorials everyday, the liberals go about their work of destroying what has taken generations to build up. Their goal it seems is to set every man and woman against each other. Rich verses poor, black verses white, Asian verses Jew, Christians verses the world, men verses women, Hispanics verses non-Hispanics: it does not seem to have an end. Using the hatred and violence they inspire to advance an agenda that results in more of the same, it is a vicious circle that seems to have no end.

Not to sit still on their laurels, liberalism is advancing its blind agenda in the Islamic world as well, setting whole countries and even regions alight. In this case, it is the convergence of liberal class warfare and societal relativism that has wreaked havoc. As a result of liberal inspired meddling, the entire Middle East is on fire. Millions have been displaced and a rising death toll is in the hundreds of thousand. These are wars that never had to be. Mix it all with the Iran Agreement, that is likely to set off a nuclear arms race in the region, and you have Armageddon in the making.

Bind, angry and totally incapable of reason; the elitist who are the core of the liberal movement form the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. Worldwide in influence, the consequences of their advancement is being felt in the furthest reaches of the globe. Death and destruction follows them and from them flows the fuel from which future fire storms will be created. They are not the only bane society faces, but by far they are the most destructive.

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