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A little over a year ago the world watched as Ferguson, Missouri was sit ablaze and bused in protesters filled the streets. Hands up don’t shoot became a nation wide mantra as the tragic end of Micheal Brown was exploited for all it was worth. As Brown’s parents were trotted out on stages and in front of camera’s to emphasis the apparent injustice of a life cut short, no one seem to care about the life’s work of black entrepreneurs that went up in smoke or a community being torn apart.

The truth was Micheal Brown was a ne’er-do-well who chose his destiny. The mythical gentle giant was a worthless thug whose death in a hail of bullets was probably inevitable. The tragedy of Brown’s life was compounded in his death by the lies told. Fabrications that lived on even after the truth was known. None other than Obama’s race baiting Attorney General, Eric Holder, found the shooting justified and the claims made about the incident without merit. Still one can find people sporting t-shirts with the hands up don’t shoot lie blazoned across them.

The most long lasting impact of the lies around Brown’s death, promoted by the likes of Al Sharpton, is the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement, like the myth that gave it birth, is cloaked in falsehoods and manifest its influence in the most destructive of ways. The name itself reeks of racism, to say black lives matter is to infer others do not. As if to emphasis the point, they have searched the headlines for apparent unjust deaths of blacks while ignoring all others. Given that most of the cases they have cited have involved not only white officers, but black as well, they have been forced to expand their enemies list to include the police in general, no matter their ethnicity.

Using a compliant liberal media, they have created a false impression that blacks are inherently treated unjustly. The truth is, that while some of the instances they have highlighted are questionable, no evidence of racism has ever been shown in any of them. Racism certainly exists, but that it is endemic in the Justice system or has resulted in blacks being killed disproportionately to whites by police is simply a fallacy. The biggest discrepancy in how blacks and whites are treated is not found in the courts, or even the policing of primarily black neighborhoods, but in the media. Cases involving whites killed as result of questionable police actions are ignored by the press, while ones involving blacks are hyped regardless of merit. At the same time, the tragic deaths of innocent and promising young black youth are ignored when the perpetrator is of the same race.

The result of this hypocrisy has not been benign; businesses have been burned, communities destroyed all the while the body count has risen steadily. Baltimore has proven to be the epicenter of the movement’s destruction. This is due to having a sympathetic mayor whose near criminal actions have resulted in soaring homicide rates and years of steady community advancement destroyed. While Baltimore has captured the headlines and seen much of the carnage, it is not alone. Homicide rates, declining for years are now climbing. Not just poor blacks are being effected either, police officers too have been targeted and killed. All the while the Black Lives Matter folks keep stoking the fires of hatred.

Black Lives Matter is about division and creating anger by playing on ethnic paranoia. If the Black Lives Matter movement was really about the lives of black people, it would be protesting gang violence in the streets of Chicago and defending black owned businesses in America’s inner cities. They would join with police to make the streets of black neighborhoods safer. Unfortunately, curbing violence or lifting up communities is not part of their agenda. Instead they prefer to incite violence and interfere with healing process that might happen in their absence.

The recent protest in Ferguson are a prime example of who and what the people behind the movement are all about. While they filled the streets with angry rioters protesting the death of a armed thug, not one among them shed a tear for the 9 year old killed while doing her homework.

What has been laid bare by the movement is not a prejudicial justice system or even violence prone police, but the feelings of paranoia, helplessness and fear that bubbles below the surface among poor blacks in America. Feelings that the Black Lives Matter movement, among others, stoke and exploit for their own ends. The movement’s leadership represent a class of societal predators who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of those they pretend to represent. Leaving death and destruction in their wake, they are the evil they accuse others of being.

“The Conservative Mind”

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