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Immigrants Rush Chunnel Illegal Immigrants Rush the Chunnel as France Evicts Them from Homeless Camps

In the annuls of history there are many tales of invaders terrorizing the Western World. Barbaric tribes, sea faring Vikings and even Mongols from Asia each took their turn at spreading destruction. Their only commonality it seems was adulation of war and belief in the cheapness of life. As if waiting their turn, Islamist from the south terrorized the land as well. The Moors and the Ottomans made their presence felt across Europe, and at one time it was feared they might not be stopped until all Christendom fell at their feet.

These groups all failed in their quest, some even assimilating into the native populations; adopting the religion and culture of those they sought to dominate. The Islamist states, despite their best efforts, could not beat out of the native populous their language, their culture or their God. Ultimately, they would be driven from the face of the continent. Through it all, the West survived and grew under the tutelage of Christian ethics. Itself, seeing the last remnants of its own barbarity exercised from its cultural soul by Christianity’s cleansing influence.

Today, a new barbarian invasion is making its way across Europe, and over the borders of the United States. These new invaders often bring with them beliefs and values as foreign to Western ears as those ancient foes. In contrast to the invaders of old, these new barbarians come unarmed, and are even welcomed in. They nonetheless may be poised to lay waste to a civilization a thousand years in the making.

This new invasion is happening just as the West finds itself weakened by the ravages of liberal ideology. Where once stood proud people firmly fixed in beliefs, ideas and culture, Americans and Europeans now wallow in a sea of moral relativism and inundated with champions of multicultural nonsense. In the modern West, babies ripped from their mothers womb to be sold piecemeal barely enlist outrage. Similarly, demands by people suffering from mental disorders like gender dysphoria (being transgender) that the world conform to them are taken seriously, and even instituted into law. In a world increasingly with no moral absolutes, and devoid of cultural pride, their is little defense against societal disintegration. It is in this modern nihilist, I’m okay you’re okay, world that this new invasion is taking place.

It is no coincidence that the degradation of western culture, the loss of Christian morality and lessening demands for assimilation coincides with the threat the West now faces. It is as much a result of it as anything else. How else can one explain that Great Britain, the birthplace of individual rights and natural law, now host more cases female genital mutilation than anywhere outside of Somalia? The back streets of English cities prowl gangs of rapist, drugging victims with near impunity because authorities fear being called anti-immigrant or islamiphobic.  Canada, far from the Medieval middle east, has seen a rising number of honor killings as has other Western nations. In fact, such is the radicalization of the west that many risk death for even depicting a caricature of Muhammad. The dissolving stigma attached to public assistance means these new comers can be assured of plenty of public funds as well.

In the United States, the main influx of those undermining the culture comes from Latin America. In a world that rejects the idea of cultural superiority the detrimental impact of lesser cultures is denied or at a minimum ignored. A prime example is the media’s incredulous response towards those who dare speak about crime and illegal immigration in the same breath.

In a country struggling with suppressed wage growth and falling labor participation rate, nearly 20% of its labor force is foreign born. While the economic impact on the U.S. of massive legal and illegal immigration is substantial enough to enlist outrage, the criminal end is even more so! About a 1/3 of murders in some states are commuted by those illegally in the country. While the illegal immigrant that randomly murdered a young college student made the news, it was treated as an aberration instead of being symbolic of a deeper problem. Beyond the murder, drugs and thefts, the immigrants bring different values as well. Last year a mother was murdered by a 25 year old illegal Mexican because she would not let her 13 year old daughter date him. In Latin American countries, girls 10-15 make up a significant portion of the fertility rate. Pregnancy among children 10 and under numbers in the hundreds in Mexico alone. In contrast, all of the U.S. and Western Europe combined there are but 8 such cases, all but one involving immigrants.

What is happening is more than just a clash of civilizations, it is cultural and societal suicide. In Europe and the United States, multiculturalism has become the equivalent of societal cyanide. Despite idealistic liberal aspirations of creating a Salad Bowl society, the results of such experimentation is societal fracturing, violent confrontations and ultimately fragmentation. This is not to say immigration is inherently bad, but holding numbers down to an assimilable number, demanding the assimilation take place and checking on who it is that is entering, are the minimum a county should demand. Immigration can be invigorating to an economy and bring new ideas into play, but, like water, while a little can bring new life too much will drown you.

For decades, the liberal media and their allies in cloistered leftest halls of academia have preached their gospels of cultural equivalency and moral relativism, to admit to anything else would undermine the foundations of their very existence. Consequently, they are committed to take this absurdity to its most ludicrous end. This means no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, they continue to profess the insane premise that all societies, cultures and religions are on an equal par. To them Christians and Pagans, Western and Middle Eastern, Prostitutes and Nuns are on equal moral standing. They will not be satisfied until national identities and cultures dissolve into a primeval goo of incoherent values. In so doing, they rush in the hour when the West can say, we have met the Barbarians and we are they.

“The Conservative Mind”

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