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While the outsider might be bemused by the state of politics in the United States, the world at large can’t but feel the winds of change in the air. When the U.S. betrayed its moral responsibilities in Iraq, consoling itself that it was Iraqis who must take responsibility for their own safety, it forgot the fact that their perilous state of affairs came as a result of American actions. America’s leadership abandoned the fledgling democracy to its own ends and at is most vulnerable time. That ISIS rushed in to fill the void, and create havoc, was to be expected. If not them, Al Qaeda, Iran or someone else would of.

In Ukraine, the lack of resolve in Iraq (and backing off of Obama’s Syrian “Red Line”) gave the Russians a green light to invade their weaker neighbor. China, seeing an opening, expanded its maritime boundaries as well. The rest of the world has learned its lesson, the United States is retreating into an isolationist’s shell. Not all at once, a bombed dropped here, a drone strike there, are limp wristed efforts meant to imitate what use to be called American resolve. What was once a given, the U.S. willingness to defend its allies and stand up to its foes, is no longer counted on. In response, Saudi Arabia is courting Russia, and the Middle East is stock piling weapons for the inevitable post American century war.

How does this all figure into the coming U.S. elections, plenty. Just as power seeks to fill in the voids, so it is with leadership. It is part of the Natural Order of life, a Natural Law if you will. When true leadership is missing, into the vacuum will rush in someone to take control. It is part of human nature. Put a group of 5 year old children in a room alone and within an hour a hierarchy develops. Leaders emerge (usually a separate one for the boys and the girls), lieutenants are chosen and the masses gain some sense of order. For certain, there are rogues, those that go off by themselves rather than follow the crowd, but these are exceptions to the natural order. Soon after this natural aristocracy is formed, rules of conduct are created. Similarly, societies seek leadership and need rules to live by. When deprived of proper guidance, they will seek it out and sometimes take it where they can find it. Just as the world is now growing weary of a complacent and often absent U.S. presence, the American public is growing listless under the haphazard “leadership” of Barack Obama.

True leaders, with a strong clear voice, are sometimes hard to come by. Nonetheless, the longer a society is deprived of a true leader, the stronger its desire for one becomes. This is the vacuum that now exist in America. It explains Chris Christie’s great popularity when he became Governor of New Jersey, and his fall from Grace as he vacillated on core issues. Now it’s Trumps turn, while many despise him for his politics, his strong voice is being heard. He has spoken out on issues, and in regards to immigration, more truthfully than not. Crime follows unrestrained illegal immigration, no matter the countries involved. Mexico and the United States both feel its sting. Illegal Aliens traversing the sands of America’s Southwest for jobs are sharing the journey with those of a different sort. Drug mules and gang enforcers come with them, often returning with cash and guns for their drug cartel overlords. Death, crime and lawlessness is the price both sides pay for the blind eye of America’s lax border security.  (Mexico getting the better of the deal monetarily).

Trump has been unafraid to speak his mind, giving the appearance at least that he means what he says. This unabashed form of leadership draws crowds for Trump as it does for socialist’ Bernie Sanders, the Trump of the Democrats. Among those also running, the demagoguery and parsed words of compromised values seems ubiquitous. Those wishing to stay in the race should stand up and take notice, both of Trump’s rise and Marco Rubio’s fall. Times such as these are not for the faint of heart or indecisive of mind. The American populous is screaming they need a hero, someone with the backbone of a Humphrey Bogart or John Wayne, the passion of a Teddy Roosevelt and a aversion to Politically Correct nonsense.

The shoes of leadership have been vacant too long, it is time again for a man (woman?) people can believe in. This is not the time for teleprompter phonies practicing wind vane politics. In today’s environment, even the man of superior morals and intellect will fall to the passionate person of perceived valor. This race will not go to the faint of heart or the indecisive of mind, the people want and need a champion who will defend against the liberal onslaught. They need a hero.

“The Conservative Mind”

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