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https://i0.wp.com/i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02263/Rousseau_2263371b.jpgJean Jacques Rosseau

When one spends time reading liberal literature and the history of the left in general, what is found is a propensity for instability and even insanity. Starting from its earliest period, the philosophe’ movement in pre-revolutionary France, to the reactionaries taking over college campuses today, the pattern has been the same.

Jean Jacques Rousseau, the Pied Piper of proto-socialism and icon of the left, is idealized by liberals today. The fact that he was an amoral, paranoid, and likely suffered from schizophrenia, does not diminish his luster in their minds. Rousseau forced the abandonment of all of his children and rabidly turned his back on nearly all those who reached out to him (Read Rousseau’s Dog). Nonetheless, he helped found a movement that is here to this day. Across the channel, Charles Fox became obsessed with these new ideas until it nearly destroyed him and split his party (the whigs). In America, Thomas Paine too became increasingly unstable in mind, and lashed out at his once fellow patriots, after embracing the blood lust of the French Revolution.

In Revolutionary France, the reign of terror ruled supreme until it eventually consumed itself. A wild unbridled orgy of gore without redeeming features. Those in charge became as rabid animals, without honor or limits. All the twentieth century’s purveyors of evil: Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Pol Pot, were one and all consumed by the liberal/socialist mindset. Even Hitler, a product of early twentieth century progressive ideas, followed this path to insanity.

Lesser mad men are revered by the left to this day, people like Woodrow Wilson, Margret Sanger, Che’ Guevara, Ted Kennedy, and others. The commonality in all of these examples is the rejection of core principles. Natural law, the very foundation upon which America was created, was rejected out of hand by all of them. President Wilson, who embraced the KKK and jailed those who opposed his war time policies, said,”limits of wisdom and convenience to the public control there may be: limits of principle, upon strict analysis, none.” (emphasis added) Justice Anthony Kennedy similarly stated in Roper V Simmons that judicial decisions should rest not on principles, constitutional or otherwise, but should be guided by the “evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of an maturing society.” In short, proper ethics are what ever “society” says it is, society being merely an euphemism liberal elitist use to refer to themselves. In today’s vernacular, there ever evolving standard is called political correctness.

Today on college campuses, blazoned across the headlines of major newspapers, and on main stream newscast, political correctness rules supreme. It seems as though freedom of thought and expression are antiquated ideas of a bygone era. This is especially true at America’s major Universities. These relics of another age are showing themselves to be little more than cloistered islands of liberal ideology; where the line between reality and imagination have become intentionally blurred. Places where rape culture activist compete for attention with those engaged against an inherent “racists society.” For those seeking to enlarge their perspectives, and (God forbid) who question the campus status quo: the wrath of the thought police is visited upon them. In a world where micro-agressions are unpardonable sins, and safe rooms are provided to protect those whose sensibilities might be offended, any attempt at rational discourse has to be squashed.

Feminism, once the realm those seeking equality, has devolved into a mindset of permanent victimhood. Young women, instead of being empowered, are being reduced to Victorian Age childhood status. Men are being harassed and degraded, told they are inherently evil batterers and misogynist. For the white male, the situation is even worse.

This death spiral of insanity is reaching a fervor pitch. Comics are now avoiding colleges, how can they perform when every minor slight is considered an intolerable aggression. Comedy is the art of pointing out the absurd in daily life, their whole routines are linked together acts of micro-aggression by the standards of today’s radical college mindset! Speakers, whose views challenge these new thought police, often have to be escorted by armed guards to protect them from the wrath of the increasingly unhinged minds of radicalized youth. That is if they are permitted to speak at all.

In a world with no absolutes, no preset standards to go by, the tendency is to go to extremes. The mind spirals out of control as it seeks to find a moral compass to guide it. Told there are no absolute principles: each man tries to finds his own, or embraces those of the community they are in, leaving young minds left open to the worst society has to offer. The truth is, all societies must have absolutes: standards that are not altered by every breeze of change, or they will descend into barbarity and chaos. Even the minds of individuals become unstable when the boundaries of right and wrong are clouded to the point that the two are no longer discernible.

This is the lesson of Natural Law, that certain principles that have been shown to be universal in nature, and have held societies together for time immemorial, are the only principles a society can truly rely on. Remove them, and you remove the only thing keeping society and individuals in check. The proof can be found in the atrocities of those who have chosen the dark path of self-declared morality and in the disheveled minds found on today’s campuses of higher learning. Consequently, liberalism in the end becomes nothing more than a type of group psychosis where insanity itself has no meaning.

“The Conservative Mind”

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