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https://i0.wp.com/crispme.com/wp-content/uploads/1728.jpgThe left in general, and the progressive left in particular, has a long history of silencing dissent through intimidation and personal attacks.  Whether it is shouting down a conservative speaker on a college campus, or Clintonesque attacks on people’s character to avoid dealing with the content of what they are saying, intimidation always plays a pivotal role in left wing strategy.

A quintessential example of this can be found in the strategies employed by gay activists. Any business that has dared to stand up to the gay lobby has found themselves facing the wrath of what Bill Maher called the gay mafia. Media hit jobs, legal knee capping and organized visits by protesting thugs are their weapons of choice with blackmail and character assassinations thrown in for good measure. The lapdog press, for their part, dutifully follow along; propping up the activists with overly sympathetic articles and editorial pieces. Chick-fil-A famously felt their wrath and survived, but many have not. Small bakeries and others who seek not to bend their beliefs to the liberal Baal have seen themselves run out of business. The state of Indiana was inundated with threats after daring to pass a bill supporting religious liberty. A few large corporations joined the fray as well, seeking to avoid having the wrath of the gay mafia turning on them.

The Indiana situation highlighted how even freedom of religion is now under attack by the left. Christians in particular, in a county whose motto is “In God we Trust,” have felt the wrath of leftest anger. The only religion that counts, in the liberal playbook, is adherence to a form of secularism whose god is an all powerful and benevolent state. One that takes care of every need, including the need for making one’s own decisions. Those who oppose their  lofty goals are labeled selfish, ignorant or worse. The situation for those who are in a position to thwart the liberal agenda is especially tenuous. In dealing with them the left gives no quarter, but wails if they are so much as touched in anything but the most delicate manner.

Presidential contender Mitt Romney found his character maligned consistently throughout his campaign. Harry Reid falsely proclaimed that the Romney’s paid no taxes, Mitt’s family vacations put to scorn and PolitiFact called true statement of his the “lie” of the year. Even Romney supporters found themselves under the liberal gun. The IRS targeted not only conservative groups, but Romney supporters were regularly audited, many repeatedly with some seeing audits coming one after the other. Private investigators were hired to dig up whatever they could fined as well. In contrast, no one in the press has yet to fully vet Obama’s past, that has been done only by the alternative outlets on the internet. The shady dealings of liberal stalwarts like Harry Reid, Barbra Boxer and others have escaped the notice of the liberal press as well

State politics have shown themselves to be fertile ground for even worse liberal abuses. Using tactics reflective of the Soviet secret police or German brown shirts, raids of homes took place across Milwaukee against those who dared to publicly support Wisconsin’s new law reigning in unions. Police raided law abiding citizens homes, confiscated their private files and computers and threatened the occupants with arrest if the dared exercise their constitutional rights to free speech or contacted a lawyer. Holding the befuddled and scared homeowners at gunpoint, while they trashed their homes and stole their property, the police became participants in an act of political warfare. The objects of these unconstitutional acts had committed the unforgivable sin of opposing union overreach. (for those not familiar with this saga, it can be read about here)

Even science has been corrupted by the scorched earth policy of destroying those who speak up against the liberal agenda. Those who dare question the “facts” of the studies supporting Man Made Global Warming are themselves held up to ridicule, even as the alarmist’s agenda collapses under its own weight. The author of a study showing the huge detrimental impact on children raised in gay homes was dismissed as a “Catholic” religious nut, while the study itself remains virtually unchallenged.

While dirty science is rather new, dirty politics have always been around.  That said, those consumed by lofty end goals, and unweighted down by inconveniences like a moral code, are far more likely to utilize despicable methods to achieve their ends. The liberal mind is driven by visions of an orderly Shangri-La where they are free to mold society into what they believe it should be. For those who stand in the way of this fantasy, they seek simple eradication by whatever methods seem expedient and practical at the moment.

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