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B JennerBruce Jenner, the former world’s greatest athlete, is being praised as coming out as transgender. His claim that, for all intents and purposes, he is a woman is being taken at face value. He must of been born that way and is just now finding his true self is the story being told.

The truth is Bruce was not born transgender, more than likely no one really is. There is no evidence of some genetic link to being transgender, as it is now called. Hormones and the way the brain is wired determine one’s sex as much as genitalia (something radical feminist loathe to admit), but a psychosis can play in that sandbox as well. Bruce’s pre-plastic surgery physic showed conclusively he did not have some hormone problem that favored femininity. A brain scan could go along way to show if he had the increased left-right cross connections, more highly developed oral centers and other aspects of feminine cerebral physiology, but a good bet he doesn’t have these either.

While there is plenty of evidence that Jenner battled his psychosis since childhood, the fact that it went untreated is not surprising. The trend has been to switch from treating illnesses like his, to either ignoring them or helping with coping mechanisms. Something the whole gay, lesbian and transgender community has applauded. The pressure in turn from the left is to push for acceptance and integration of transgenderism into society. Now transgender bathrooms are popping up all over the place, even elementary schools. Whether this is healthy for society, especially children, is never asked.

Of course, this latest push is nothing new. The radical feminists have been hoping to create a genderless society for years. Latching on to their agenda, other progressive liberals have been pushing women into male roles and men to accept women’s for decades. Now the world is seeing the fruit of their labor. Amazon is even jumping on the bandwagon, toys are no longer listed by gender on the retailers website. The integration of women into field combat units was Obama’s contribution to the effort. Now that women are failing to qualify for the few remaining positions that have not lowered their standards, the next push will be to lower standards across the board to be more “fair.” That more soldiers will die will just be chalked up to the cost of having a more “inclusive” society.

One of the most outrageous examples of societal neutering is the Fairfax County proposal to teach “gender fluidity.” An attempt it seems to create more Bruce Jenners. The program tells impressionable young minds that sexuality is whatever you want it to be, and by default they should explore the possibilities. Preaching a gospel of perversion based on the idea that sexual identity is developed over one’s lifetime. That this idea undermines liberal teachings on the innateness of homosexuality and transgenderism presumably is ignored as well (something that has no scientific basis), no surprise since hypocrisy and liberalism often go hand in hand. The real agenda it seems is to influence impressionable young minds in order to veer them towards mental instability and a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) lifestyle.

What is happening is a gigantic social experiment with the whole western world being the Guinea pigs. A role of the dice by progressives to see if the fantasy world of their dreams is actually possible. That all of human history, natural law and common sense is stacked against them does not matter, neither does the the trail of ruined lives. Fools without a conscience, these sons and daughters of the 1960’s counter culture, simply do not care what price society pays for their attempts to create a world that can only exist in their twisted dreams.

The real tragedy is the effect on societies young. The children of this liberal inspired chaos are primed for a lifetime of problems. While society is just learning of the long term problems children raised in gay households experience, people will soon be seeing the effects of this transgender foolishness as well. Liberals for their part will continue down this road until their stopped or society self-destructs. At this point it is even money, at best, which will happen first. For now, the liberal agenda can be summarized as damn the children, full speed ahead.

“The Conservative Mind”

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