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Many remember the storming of the Bastille in France as a day when prisoners were set free and good triumphed over evil  For others, it marks the bloody beginning of a scourge that is with us to this day.

The revolutionaries that brought down the French monarchy were protoliberals, protocommunists, and protofascists.  In short, the were the forerunner of all left leaning philosophies of our time. Even the terms left and right come from them. Their primary means of gaining power was to divide people and create anger and animosity. During the resulting chaos they seized power and brought a kingdom to its knees.

By exploiting rifts, and creating new ones, they were able to incite mobs to do their dirty work.  Religious against non-religious, rich against poor, loyalists against protagonist; all was fair game. The tools they employed were propaganda, demagoguery and lies. As the fervor pitch got out of control they executed tens of thousands in an orgy of gore.  No one was safe, including the leader of the mess himself.

Today the left has learned little from the past, instead they seem caught in an endless ‘groundhog day,’ condemned to repeat the same acts over and over again using the same tools of their forebears. Seeing Ferguson burned for a lie was not enough, they seek new fertile soil to grow division and hate. Now Baltimore is in their cross-hairs, a city on edge with a citizenry hunkering down in fear. This time due to a suspected felon getting injured during arrest and not getting timely medical attention leading to his death. Other instances from other parts of the country proceeded this one. Each cherry picked for their apparent egregiousness and potential to enrage the black community. A recent comment by writer Toni Morrison sums up the storyline and feelings of many in the black community, she said,”I would like to see an unarmed white teenager shot in the back.” Beyond the coldness and unbelievable callousness of her statement, it reveals the just how effective the lefts propaganda is at instilling rage.

Morrison’s naked racism and hate is emblematic of what is being spread throughout the American black community. The statement itself also reveals the effectiveness of the modern version of “let them eat cake”. In this case, it is racial lies perpetrated for the sole purpose of inciting others to rage with not even a smidgen of conscience. White teens have been shot in the back, in fact police killings of whites in the U.S. outnumber blacks two to one. Many done with no aggravating circumstances such as the recent ones we have seen splattered across the news. These events, while rare in the entire scheme of things, should spark outrage regardless of color, but for the main stream media and liberal pundits they only count if the cop is white and the victim black. White victims get no air play, except on a local station here and there. Almost never are these stories picked up nationally because it does not fit the false paradigm the left leading media wants people to accept.

Race wars are not the only form of chaos the left wishes to foment, religious divisions are at the top of their agenda as well. The recent lawsuit of the ACLU to force Catholic charities to provide abortions is typical of this fight. Hilliary Clinton spoke to this recently, saying last week that religious beliefs on abortion must change. Apparently to the left, only their beliefs and ideas are worthy of respect. This was on full display after Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Hatred, and threats followed as the liberal elite showed their true colors. Anyone who sees life as sacred, believes the needs of children trumps the desires of adults or that the future of society is more important than personal gratification are demonized  and called religious zealots by those whose moral fiber is made of rubber.

The left, constantly trying to beat down what they term hate speech, are creating divisions and animosity at every turn. Old must see themselves of victims of the young, women as victims of men, blacks mustn’t trust whites, and Christians are called a hate group.  They see no reason to stop because, despite the strategy being centuries old, it still works. Only after the storming of a modern Bastille and the blood flowing in the streets reaches them will they give way. Of course, by then society itself will lie in ruins.

“The Conservative Mind”

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