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The tactics the left have always been the same, a mixture of lies, half truths, propaganda that promote divisiveness and hate. Tearing asunder society’s foundation in order to create a new world on the ashes of the old. No part of their agenda has been more destructive and, unfortunately, more successful than there attack on the nuclear family. Central to this effort is the advancement of the gay agenda. The cornerstone of this is that LGBTs (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) are born that way.

The LGBT crowd say that a genetic fluke made them who they are, and for society to denounce them for it is wrong. This equates being homosexual to having Parkinson’s or some other genetic disorder. Of course, people are seeking a cure for Parkinson’s, curing homosexuality is attacked as being homophobic. In contrast, until the 1970’s being gay was seen as a form of psychosis. It was relabeled in response to growing liberal pressure, not because of any new evidence to the contrary. Hundreds of millions of research dollars have been redirected from finding cures for diseases, to search for the illusive gay gene. The end result was the scientific community coming to the near unanimous conclusion that no gay gene exists!

On the other hand, evidence for the psychological origins of gay behavior screams to be heard. There has been no less than eight peer reviewed studies on identical twins done over the last twenty years, all have come up with similar results. Genetics and sexual orientation have little to no correlation. The 2002 Bearman and Brueckner study for example showed adolescents identical twins had a same sex attraction concordance of 7.7% for males and 5.3% for females. The 2000 Bailey, Dunne and Martin study pf Australian identical twins found a concordance of 11% and 14% respectively. What makes these studies significant is the number of participants (thousands compared to dozens in many previous studies). It has been shown the greater validity of the sampling (the larger the number of participants) the less likely a study will show any connection between heredity and same sex attraction . Of course, studies that have politically incorrect results rarely get any attention, while those that do are heralded from the mountaintops, regardless of their validity.

Studies have also shown that, despite claims to the contrary, just because one is gay does not mean one will always be. About half of all people who claim to be gay will gravitate towards heterosexuality over their lifetimes. In teens, homosexual activity for most usually lasts only about a year. People do and have moved from acting gay and back again. Studies also show that gays and lesbians who embrace opposite sex attributes tend to revert back to their birth sex over time. In fact some people return to being straight or turn to homosexuality even well into adulthood. Possible Presidential candidate Ben Carson touched on this when he mentioned that a number of people who go to prison normal leave gay.

As if to put an exclamation point on the whole issue, the number of people who practice gay sex can vary tremendously depending on societal attitudes as well. For example, having anal sex is not seen as being gay in some Islamic cultures. It can even have widespread approval as a means of keeping a man from being too dependent on a woman, and therefore weak. One Afghan soldier estimated at least half of the soldiers engaged in it, saying that “women were for children but men were for fun.” The Taliban, as well, is known for having child sex parties with captured young boys and Pakistan is one of the world’s prime consumers of gay porn.

Experience shows, the human mind can sexualize anything; this includes death, pain, feet, and even excrement. To insinuate that homosexuality is somehow exempt from this ability and must be genetic, is ludicrous on its face.

Ignored is the impact of this on children. Children suffer immensely because of the current push to make homosexuality equivalent to heterosexuality. Children raised in gay households, according to a recent large population study, are over twice as likely to have emotional problems. Some of these children, now adults, have even petitioned the court not to support gay marriage.

Despite the growing base of data that shows the inherent harm gay/lesbian households pose to children, and overwhelming evidence that same sex attraction is based in one’s environment, the liberal left continues its push to integrate homosexuality into society. Some gay couples now are openly admitting they are pushing their kids to become gay as well. Comic strip characters like Green Lantern have come out of the closet and Catwoman is now officially bisexual. ABC is showing two 13 year old boys as being gay and kissing on set. Schools promote being homosexual as normal and even encourage it. California has made it the law of the land that school children can declare themselves to be whatever sex they wish and use the restroom they “identify with” or even join the opposite sex sports teams.

Ripping society apart, creating chaos out of serenity and traumatizing the innocent, all for what? To advance an agenda based on lies? The real push is to destroy what the liberal left considers a mortal enemy, traditional society. To this end, the homosexual agenda is but a part, but a crucial one all the same.

“The Conservative Mind”

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