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In the lead up to WW II, the press was filled with political pundits trying to decipher the actions of Adolf Hitler. He common refrain among the lot was that he was just trying to raise his stature domestically. They put words in his mouth he never spoke while ignoring what he said and did. Those who tried to ring the alarm were disparaged as war mongers, especially one Winston Churchill. As Neville Chamberlain came off the plane after signing the betrayal of the Czechs, he was greeted with cheers as he proclaimed peace in our time. It was with utter shock that they soon discovered Hitler’s real intentions. As his tanks and bombers swept aside resistance in Poland and France, and British forces were driven into the sea, the pundits wondered how they could have been so wrong.

The truth is, Hitler did not hide his intentions, he proclaimed them in the streets, preached them to adoring adherents of his new NAZI religion and even wrote them down in book before that. The problem with the pundits is, instead of looking at the facts, they tend to look at the world through the lens of their own prejudices. They fail to comprehend, what someone speaks about repeatedly to followers and friends is probably core to who they are. This was true for Adolf Hitler, it is true for Barack Obama and it is true for Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu as well as the Ayatollah of Iran.

The Ayatollah Khamenei, like Hitler, has been open about what he desires to do. For the Ayatollah, the annihilation of Israel forms a preoccupation that consumes him. He has spoken of it often and given blistering oratory to his loyal minions on the subject. The fact that his country has been unwavering, in its attempt to acquire nuclear weapons, is testament to how dedicated they are to following through with the threat. Only the desire to reestablish a new Persian Empire under a Muslim flag rivals their hatred of the Jewish State, something the bomb will help accomplish as well.

For Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, his preoccupation is Iran. He has spoken of its threat to Israel on every major news organization, given speeches on it before groups around the globe and wrote about it incessantly.

Netanyahu’s Tuesday speech to congress has been described as a blatant political stunt of the worst kind. Facing reelection, a common refrain is that he is merely trying to booster his standing at home. The problem with this point of view is it ignores all the facts. The speech is not so popular as to guarantee his reelection. It is in fact, a huge political mistake that jeopardizes, not only his standing at home, but with Israel’s most important ally as well.  A huge gamble with hardly any political upside, the speech is far from being a political stunt. It is an act of desperation. An attempt to save his countrymen from another holocaust, this time a nuclear one.

Bibi Natanyahu knows the United States has the best chance of stopping the threat Iran poses. He also knows that President Obama’s administration lives in an alternate universe where common sense no longer resides. Obama, apparently resigning himself to the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran, has even tried to coerce them to join the fight against ISIS. Given this, Bibi has little alternative but to try to go over Obama’s head to congress and the American people. A desperate attempt to forestall the unimaginable.

A nuclear armed Iran is not just a threat to Israel, but to the region and even the world. Few realize, the Arabs fear Iran as much as Israel does. So much so, that the are even contemplating working with Israel to try to stop Iran from getting the bomb. It seems, the only people who do not understand the threat Iran poses reside in the White House and its political offices.

President Obama, and his whole administration of yes men, are in a constant state of denial. Islamist are not Muslim, terrorists are just members of the frustrated unemployed, and Americans are safer now than anytime in the past 100 years; the statements coming out of the Obama administration are beyond bizarre. Similarly, the administration’s acceptance of a nuclear Iran, and even suggesting to help it conquer Arab lands, is beyond comprehension.

Given all of this, the Prime Minister’s hail Mary pass is understandable. It is the speech of his lifetime, a lone voice speaking in a political wilderness. A last pitch effort to try to inspire a nation to do what its leader will not, stop Armageddon.

“The Conservative Mind”

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