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Somewhere between Fantasy Land and Tomorrow Land lies the the magical place called Obama Land. Here the light of reality no longer shines and common sense has long since been abandoned. It is a world where religious fanaticism does not exist and even terrorists are victims. In this world, all that is needed to stop the advance of ISIS is a good jobs program. After all, everyone knows that psychopathic killers who rape little girls when they are not torturing them, chopping their heads off, slitting the throats of their mothers or crucifying their brothers, or just burning whole families alive are just letting off a little steam over not finding other employment.

That these men (and some women) often come from middle class and even wealthy families does not matter, they are merely seeking economic and social justice, These misunderstood victims of society are just in need of some understanding. One should especially not call these Koran quoting, Allah Akbar screaming, jihad seeking soldiers of chaos Muslim, for deep down can’t be religious. One can clearly see that. although radical they may be, Muslim they are not. At least, this is the world as seen through the eyes of Barack Obama.

ISIS now threatens a Marine base in Iraq, has spread to Libya and beyond, and is even now inspiring gross acts of violence across the Western world. One could say Obama’s strategy to defeat them is grossly  inadequate, but that would be to assume he has a strategy. He seems to suggest that all the ISIS combatants really need is a good old fashion group hug. Denial would be too kind of a word to describe Obama’s policies. Delusional, while it fits, seems somehow not up to the task as well. Insane is probably as good a word as any. Instead of dealing with the real world, he prefers living in his personal Wonderland. A place where he can drink tea with an Iranian mad hatter and play games with the, off with their heads, queens of death. All the while, the world becomes an ever more dangerous place.

One must now accept, Obama lives in his own world. So detached is he from this one that it is impossible for him to recognize what is real anymore. Maybe it was only a matter of time. After all, Rome had Caligula, Germany King Ludwig and  Britain George the III, why shouldn’t the U.S. have its mad leader as well? Of course, the others were all monarchs of one sore or another, Barack Obama only acts like one.

While some might think this a bit over the top, so are the actions and words of the President. Besides thinking he is winning the war with ISIS, he actually believes capitulation is the best way forward in dealing with Iran. His strategy for preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon revolves around giving them all they want and asking nothing in return. The last item is not exactly true, he is contemplating asking them for one thing. As widely reported, he is in talks to have them fight ISIS. It is not as if taking over the entire Middle East was not in their plans anyway, why not just speed the process along?

To sum up the President’s plans to deal with the greatest evil man kind has ever known: First offer them jobs, if that does not work then create a nuclear Persian empire to take them down for you. Not that these are really strategies as much as they are the whimsical meanderings of a man some call a President. The truth is, while Arab countries are just waking up to the fact that they are nearly alone in a fight for survival, Obama’s mind is on his next game of golf.


The world can ill afford to have a United States president who lives in such a delusional state, especially in times such as this. The press used to hound President Bush to admit his mistakes, this President is given pass even as he parades his failures as if they were successes. The actions he has taken could not be worse if he was under the pay of America’s enemies. The United States and the free world are headed towards a world war, and no one is there to put on the brakes. If anything, Obama seems to be shoveling coal and opening the throttle. Given this, to call him insane is merely a compliment of the sincerest kind. If not living in world of his own making, than he is as evil and cold as the killers who roam the borders of Iraq and Syria. One must assume the first, or accept the latter.

“The Conservative Mind”

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