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Obama Attends Prayer Breakfast with Sudaneese Official Accused of Genocide

Parading out in front of a room full of religious leaders, Obama pranced around like a spoiled prince giving lectures on subjects he knows nothing about. His sad excuses for Islamist and unwarranted attack on Christians have become par for an administration that seems to live in a reality all their own.

Naming off ancient sins, or at least perceived sins, of Christianity’s distant past, he seem to be trying to say this excuses the atrocities being commuted in the here and now. Seemingly oblivious to how ignorant he looked, he acted like a father scolding a petulant child. While it is a common tactic of the left to excuse their shortcomings by pointing to the sins of their adversaries, the President’s use of this strategy to white wash the enemies of humanity is a new low.

A bit of housekeeping here as well, although irrelevant to the evil at hand his slanted history needs speaking to. While the inquisition was evil and atrocities even happen during the wars of the Reformation, these were inter-Christian squabbles that were anything but Christian. No man can truthfully equate the actions taken to the words of Christ. Whereas, the perpetrators of incarnate evil in the name of Allah have a ready storehouse of Muhammad quotations to justify their actions. The Crusades, with an eye especially on the early ones, were wars to free an oppressed land from those that warred against it. The failure of the Crusades led to the fall of southeastern Europe to the Moors and Southwestern Europe to the Ottomans. Until these Muslim empires were beaten back, Christians suffered hundreds of years under an Islamic yoke.

Obama’s recollections on slavery were also askew.  While a few Christians tried to justify slavery by giving it religious overtones, the “crusade” to free the world from the affliction was driven by Christians and it is due to Christianity that it is now banned in most of the world. Islamic lands on the other hand, enslaved ten times the number of people that Europeans did, and treated them far more brutally. Additionally, it is only in Islamic countries that the scourge of slavery still exist, buoyed up by religious text that condone it.

The truth is, the modern Muslim who wishes to shed the warring past and enshrine only the peaceful words of the Koran are being betrayed as well. They are being killed by the thousands across the world. God bless Jordan for taking up the fight, but shame on Obama for ignoring the gathering storm before him. One can’t just try to degrade evil, it must be destroyed!

If the only area in which President Obama showed his arrogant ignorance was in in how he addressed the threat of radical Islam, it would be enough to tarnish his legacy for all time. Unfortunately, his blindness to reality stretches far beyond the religious war being waged against God. In areas of economic growth he sees all as going well, ignoring the warning signs that are flashing around him. The National Debt is a non-issue to him as is plight of the working class. He plunges ahead with a Climate Change hysteria domestic policy that has left tens of thousands of coal workers out of work and threatens to put the whole electrical grid at risk. As America’s image abroad is being tarnished, its allies have lost all trust in U.S. leadership, and America’s enemies laugh in her face. he sees things as never being better.


Of course it is not just Obama singing praises of the absurd, his whole administration seems now in lock step. Having purged his regime of all dissent, he now is surrounded by puppets whose strings he can pull at his leisure. Ambassador Rice is a good example, in a Feb. 6th briefing she declared gay, lesbian and transsexual rights as a defining issue of our time and climate change the most important. As far as ISIS, Russia, stagnant wages, declining prestige, national debt, Iran, out of control borders, terrorism, soaring healthcare cost and other ‘secondary’ problems, she said the Americans need to show “strategic patience.”

The President’s Prayer Breakfast speech, his administrations actions that continue to defy logic, and Ambassador Rice’s own comments seem to indicate a path of ‘strategically’ applied ignorance. Either the President is the greatest fool this world has ever seen, or master manipulator seeking to destroy the very country he leads. Given he is a student of Saul Alinsky (as is Hilliary), it could very well be the latter. Destroying what is, to create what can never be, has been the dream of liberals for ages. Alinsky showed one path by which this could be accomplished, a path that Obama is not far off from.

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