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John Holder ran guns into Mexico, helping feed the cartels insatiable apatite for weapons. At least one of guns his program sent south of the border, ended up killing an American Border Patrol officer. The program was said to have been fashioned after a George Bush Program called Wide Receiver, but Bush’s program was done in coordination with the Mexican authorities. Even more importantly, Bush tracked where the guns ended up, Holder couldn’t of cared less.

Recklessly, and with total disregard for human life, Holder’s program assisted in arming Mexico’s underworld. Supposedly, the program was meant to help the ATF understand how gun running worked so they could combat it, but all it did do was put more weapons in the hands of those intent on doing others harm. Hilliary Clinton apparently had a similar program as well. Her’s did not arm underworld thugs, it concentrated on terrorist instead.

According to the Washington Times, Clinton blindly rushed to war with Libya.  President Obama, took a hands off policy, abdicating his presidential prerogatives on the matter to the then Madam Secretary. Deluded with Rwandan nightmares, she convinced herself that mass genocide was on the horizon if Gaddafi was not removed from power. No intelligence seemed to indicate this, not even the major world human rights organizations thought this would be the case, but Mrs. Clinton knew better than them all.

To forestall her imaginary threat, she recklessly started sending arms to Libyan rebel groups. According to the Washington Times, she did this despite warnings that these groups had Al Qaeda ties. Plane loads of weapons were sent to Libya and distributed, without close scrutiny being given to who was receiving them. Not just guns, but sophisticated Stinger surface-to-air missiles were part of mix as well.

All of this was long whispered about, but until now was unconfirmed. This is just one of the rumored clandestine activities of then Secretary of State Clinton. The Times story leaves off what happened to these weapons. Another, yet to be fully confirmed, report links Clinton’s version of Fast and Furious to the demise of Ambassador Stevens and others at Benghazi. The storyline of the attack starts with Stevens going to Benghazi in order to negotiate for the return of some of the Stingers. Apparently, a few of the missiles had already been acquired from some of the groups friendly to the U.S. Stevens was lured to Benghazi in hopes of securing more of these weapons back into American hands.  All of this explains the subterfuge and lies that came out of the White House and the State Department right after the attack on the Benghazi compound. It also hints at a possible reason for the hesitancy to send in assistance during the melee.

Libyan Rebels Make Use of the Embassy Swimming Pool in Tripoli

The faulty strategy of the Libya campaign was Hilliary’s and Hilliary’s alone. Obama being at fault for failure to lead, but little else. It could be said the abandonment of the Embassy in Tripoli, and its subsequent occupation by anti-government rebels, brings Hilliary Clinton’s failure in Libya full circle, but that would be naive. There are still unaccounted for missiles in the hands of Islamist. Whether they are being held back for use in some future exploits in the Middle East, or being smuggled around the world to create havoc on the Western travel industry, is unknown. At least if one day planes start dropping out of the skies over Tokyo, London and New York, the world will not have to wonder how the forces of evil got such weapons.

Whereas Holder’s weapons smuggling operations likely put many guns into the hands of ruthless gangs, Hilliary’s is on a totally different scale. She armed America’s enemies with weapons that they could of only dreamed about before. A debacle that contributed to the death of one of America;s premier diplomats and whose final chapter is yet to be written.

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