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The 2016 race for President of the United States has officially begun, The Freedom Summit, held in Iowa this last weekend, was nothing less than a coming out party for those wishing to occupy the oval office. Many of the speakers have already started organizing their campaigns and announced their “interest” in running. Initiating what is going to be a two year campaign for potentially just a four year position.

This election is likely to be an explosive and even revolutionary contest. At no time in recent history has there been more dissatisfaction with the two main political parties of the United States. More and more, people are leaving the parties and self-identifying as independents.  Democrats are disillusioned with Obama and it seems the far left is in charge of the party. To make things right, they have pinned their hopes on Hillary Clinton. A woman who has received unending accolades but has accomplished very little. On the Republican side, there is no one who is seen as inevitable. In fact, the party itself is in so much disarray it could split if the wrong candidate manages to wrangle the nomination. One third of Republicans are ready to leave the GOP according to a poll conducted by Pat Caddell.

Given dissatisfaction rates with the way things are going in Washington, the nearly palpable disdain for the those leading the Republican party, and the deep seated fear that the country has gone terribly awry, the next election is going to be driven by those outside the establishment. Renegades, rogues and revolutionaries stand poised to make history.

This is not to say the establishment will go down without a fight, but the only chance thier chosen candidates have is if the opposition totally splinters. Even if by a miracle one of them wins the primaries, without the support of the party faithful that victory will be in vain. The end result would be a President Hilliary. This is not the year for those who seek to do business as usual. Things have gone too far off the tracks, the stakes too high and the consequences of failure too terrible to contemplate. If Jeb Bush, or someone like him, were to win by some miracle, it would likely spell the end of the Republican party.

https://theconservativeminddotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/9cce6-6a00d83451d36869e2011570b5863d970b-pi.jpgIn Europe as well, the momentum is against the status quo. An overreaching and failure ridden E.U. has created a backlash that is cleaving the union to the right and the left. In many countries, once solidly pro Eurozone, the majorities now just want out. Crushing central attacks against sovereignty and culture have take a toll as well as apparent total economic incompetence.

For American, the Iowa freedom conference could well be a sign of things to come. People, dismissed by the main stream media and party elites alike, are rising to challenge the conventional wisdom, or lack thereof. Lawlessness, deafness on immigration, stomping on religious rights, unending dictates from Washington and other grievances are propelling the opposition forward. The likes of Cruz, Palin and Fiorina, are getting a fresh look, Those that took on the establishment and won like Governor Walker stand in stark contrast to beltway insiders, those that always choose the well beaten path of compromise. Even an outspoken surgeon who put Obama in his place has found a following. As Cruz proclaimed, this is not the year for milquetoast candidates.

In the U.S. and Europe the sounds of revolution can be heard. People’s dissatisfaction hangs in the air like the smoke from a pungent cigar. It permeates people’s lives and inspires them to action. The year might as well be 1775 or even 1788. Guns may not be at the ready nor are masses mobilized to create chaos in the streets, but metaphorical blood is about to be spilled. The end result of the coming conflict has yet to be written, but some things are for certain. Europe will soon not exist in the same way it does today, and the United States is about to take a turn to the right.

“The Conservative Mind”

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