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German Crowd Protesting ImigrationMulticultural gurus, selling a snake oil tonic meant to cure the ills of society and numb people to the differences among them, have had a significant effect on Europe. Namely, their attempts to disintegration of the common bonds that define community and unify a people together have created a backlash of radical nationalism across the EU. Not only is this reactionary response to their agenda’s corrosive effects not surprising, it should have been expected.

Conservatives have long known that history has much to teach us about the present and the future as well. Tribes, cultures and civilizations grow and thrive as long as that which binds them together survives. Destroy that which binds a people and the result is chaos. The countries of Europe, for example, grew up as separate entities despite living in close proximity to each other. Many even have the same language but the borders between them are more than just political demarcation lines. They differentiate one people from another, people with distinct cultural differences that sometimes not readily apparent to outsiders.

In the United States, a country of many cultural influences, survival has been dependent upon not celebrating these differences but melding them together. The creation of one people out of many was one of great achievements of the American experiment. Referred to as the melting pot, America has historically been able to absorb those from the outside, making them uniquely one people. This is not to say those that came did not retain some of their old cultures and ways, only that they were grafted into American culture and American values. The opposite of this cultural phenomenon called the melting pot is what liberals celebrate as the salad bowl.


Maybe the Great American Melting Pot Would be More Appropriately Called a Stew. The Common Sauce of American Culture Permeates and Binds its Many Parts into a Single Dish Called Americana.

Despite overwhelming evidence and striking modern examples of how important a level of cultural unity is to a society, the modern liberal has rejected it out of hand. Preferring to promote multiculturalism, they have showed open disdain for the old order. The salad bowl, as they call it, claims we can all live harmoniously together while remaining completely distinct and separate culturally. The fact that this notion goes against common sense, all precedent and is even oxymoronic, has not prevented them from pressing forward to disastrous effect.

Multiculturalism’s Goal is to Create a Society Without a Common Culture

The present rise of ultra-nationalism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim protests across Europe is testament to what history has clearly shown; threaten cultural unity and societies fracture. Like a cornered animal, people with long held traditions are told they must now give way to newcomers. With no where to turn, they are lashing out in anger and fear. On the other hand, immigrants become trapped within a society they do not comprehend nor are asked to.  Predictably, they become filled with despair, mistrust and hatred. This is the polarizing effect of multiculturalism being felt across Europe. From North to South and East to West, Europe is erupting into protest and violence.

Even if Europe had a tradition of assimilating other cultures into their own, which it does not, the pressures created by a large influx of foreign born individuals would be daunting. Without such a tradition, and no push to create it, communities become filled with marginalized sub-cultures of angry displaced immigrants. For natives, they often find themselves becoming strangers in their own land.

If assimilation had been the unwavering expectation of those fleeing to European shores maybe things would of been different. Instead of encouraging natives to conform to the needs of new arrivals, the arrivals were encourage to become part of their new country; to become Romans, Londoners, Parisians and Berliners in the traditions of the same. Even keeping the numbers of immigrants within reason would of helped. But, none of these were done.

Muslims, in particular, have become societies withing societies. Turkish Muslims being a limited exception. Turkey, having been influenced by Europe, its former citizens have integrated at least partially, joining the political system and becoming part of the economy. Unfortunately, Muslims from across Africa refuse to vote or engage European society at all. Given the push for social plurality and for for Europeans to give way to them, they have seen no need to. The result is a salad bowl of discontent. Each keeping to his own and each looking at the other with the suspicious eye of a stranger.

Nearly every major political leader of Europe now acknowledges what their people have known all along, multiculturalism is a failure. Not only a failure but a predictable one. Nonetheless, liberal groups endeavor to persevere against the groundswell of opposition to their plans. For liberals, multiculturalism is not merely a ploy or catchy fad, it is an integral part of who they are and their future plans. They see the world as made up of groups, not individuals, and there dream is for these groups to exist in a borderless community of man.  Consequently, multiculturalism is both part of their worldview and what they want the world to become. They simply can’t comprehend it not working. The concepts of individual pride, social dynamics and the importance of culture are foreign to them. The reasons for the failure of their policies, an unfathomable enigma. Angry protests and the rebirth of violent nationalism, they hope are but and the unfortunate birth pangs of a world bringing forth a new borderless pluralistic society. As they look down with disdain at their own handiwork, they seek out others to blame for the growing unrest. Above all, they push on with their agenda to create a world that can only exist inside their twisted minds.

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