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Group of ISIL fightersFaces of Evil

Tales of unspeakable horrors have become common place, children beheaded, mass executions, blood drained slowly from a mother’s body as her children are forced to watch, and other acts of torture beyond belief. No longer human, the Islamist are but crazed rabid dogs fit only to be removed from the sight of humanity. Of all the crimes, of all the horrors and evil they commit, it is the unfathomable attacks on children that screams the loudest for justice to be served.

What can one tell a father who holds his now headless daughter (warning graphic), who can comfort a mother of a crucified son (warning graphic)? What punishment can fit such a crime? Even the Nazi’s, Khmer Rouge and Stalin’s Russia did not commit such crimes. No where, in the written record of man’s inhumanity to man, can one find such barbarity as that being committed in the name of Muhammad on the plains of Iraq.

Baby about to be executedJesus said, “what you have done to the least of these, you have done to me” and “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” If Christians truly believe in what they say they do, how can they set still and let such atrocities happen? The man who passes himself off as the U.S. President does not care for much beyond himself. His present strategy is the warfare equivalent of poking a stick at a bee hive. He has shown that he is unwilling to do what it takes to destroy the threat that stands before him. At this point, only a public outcry is likely to change his direction, the question is where’s the outcry?

At what point does the Western world start to live up to its Judeo-Christian roots?  In a previous post I wrote of ancient martyr whose young life was cut short for Roman entertainment. A true martyr in every sense of the word, she touched the lives of thousands and still does. Such bravery in the face of such evil is hard to imagine but it does still exist. Of all the death and the pure evil being manifest in Iraq and Syria, the story of four brave children should put us all to shame. Four Christians, all under the age of fifteen, were confronted by a group of the devil’s own. Looking into the eyes of evil and faced with a torturous slow beheading at the hands of Islamist, they defied their demands to deny their faith. One by one they died at the hands of these dogs of Islam rather than deny Jesus. Their last words to the world was we love Jesus. Who among us could claim to be as brave when faced with the same? How is it they could face evil and stand while the Western world quakes from the safety of their Ivory towers?

If one believes in heaven, surely these brave young souls earned themselves a most glorious spot there. If one believes in hell, their killers are destined for its greatest depths. While thousands have died at the hands of ISIS and even toddlers (warning graphic) have not been spared dying horrendous deaths, these four martyrs stand out. They were not used as examples or simply killed for entertainment as many have been. They had a choice. They were killed for refusing the Islamist demands to convert to Islam and deny their faith.  Given the choice between living as traitors to their conscience or dying a slow death they chose death. The children did not submit and evil did not win. If by their sacrifice America and Europe are spurred into action at least their deaths will not be in vain.

It should be clear, what these beasts in human form fight for is not some Islamic caliphate, but a sick hedonistic society where hell is dished out for the pleasure of the devils that run it. A place where children are made into sex slaves and sadistic entertainment of such vile depravity is served up, that it would make the Roman’s shudder. No words suffice to describe this death cult and it is impossible to exaggerate their incarnate evil.

ISIL MAPISIS Will Not Stop Until They are Stopped

In WW II, the world confronted evil in the form on NAZI Germany. Initially failing the test and falling back against the NAZI advance, the world finally came to grips with what they had to do. Evil grows, it never recedes. It can’t be reasoned with nor truly contained. It must be destroyed. This is again a time for righteous anger and for America to lead the fight. Never has the cause been more just, never has the need to confront evil been more clear. Those who think the Islamic State can be ignored only fool themselves, there is no safe haven or place their darkness will not reach.  A pure form of evil such as the world has never seen now treads upon the earth, the choice for the West is either confront it where it resides or wait until it confronts them where they live.

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