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BlaxploitationIn the early 1970’s there was a genre of films called blaxploitation. Blaxploitation films had characters like Shaft and Christie Love, streetwise heroes who skirted the law and sometimes broke it. They fought villains that were usually white and often incompetent. Meant to tap into the American black market, their nonchalant attitude towards criminality and use of stereotypes brought them a lot of criticism. The NAACP, in particular, protested the films and there negative representation of the black community. They were also cited as being a negative influence on those living in the inner city. How times have changed.

In America, the current holders of leadership positions in the NAACP are ardent supporters of blaxploitation, at least when it comes to politics. Playing on fears and stereotypes, the NAACP, black civil rights leaders, and Liberal Democratic politicians of all stripes, are exploiting the denizens of the inner city for all they are worth. Caring little for who gets hurt, they seek to gin up hate and unrest for the purposes of looking as defenders of the black community.

The latest examples of blaxploitation politics is on display in the protests seen around the United States. In response to events in Ferguson, MO and New York City, violence is sprouting up across the nation. In Ferguson, a thug Micheal Brown stole cigars and threatened a store clerk before going out on the street and confronting officer Darren Wilson. Events that resulted in Brown being killed.  Despite the fact that forensic evidence totally disproves such commonly heard lies like Brown was shot in the back, and he had his hands up saying “don’t shoot” when he was killed, there has been a cast of characters willing to incite violence based on these lies. In NYC, the death of Eric Garner is also being exploited. Not seen in the widely spread video was the black Sargent standing near by and overseeing the melee. The quick escalation from belligerence to violent confrontation by the New York Police is questionable to say the least, but racial? There is absolutely no evidence that the death of Garner was racially motivated, even his children reject that storyline.

As if indulging in the flavor of the week, liberals and the main media outlets are now building on the tragic cases of Brown and Garner by citing every case of questionable police violence involving blacks as possible. Never mind the statistics that show such instances are no more prevalent among minorities than they are in the general populous, this has long gone past the point where facts matter. Knowing full well the explosiveness of their words, and the impact on black paranoia, liberals are using incendiary language and accusations to incite as much violence as possible. Hilliary Clinton said the system was “out of balance” and spoke of “hearts breaking” over deaths of black men at the hands of police. Playing on fears and inspiring hatred for her own gain, Hillary is not nearly alone in expressing such sentiments. The NAACP is doing a “Journey for Justice” march in Missouri, Al Sharpton is calling for another march on Washington, and the Democratic Mayor of New York has basically called his own police force racist. All of this based on lies.

The left has always used division and hate to divide people in order to control them. Blaxploitation politics is just one form of this strategy but clearly the most destructive. Businesses burned and even people killed just so they can have a moment in the spotlight. On the other hand, these race hustlers do not care a plumb nickel about the real issues facing poor inner city communities. It would seem it does not matter to them how many young black men are shoved under the turf, unless they can exploit the deaths for personal gain that is!

Not one of those marching and making speeches over the deaths of Micheal Brown and Eric Garner have spent one second trying to stem the violence plaguing places like Chicago. They are never heard speaking out on issues like failing schools or the Hip Hop culture that glorifies violence while degrading education. No marches for justice for the innocents caught in gangland cross fire, or any attempt to encourage the urban poor to grab for the brass ring of success. Why, because they simply do not care about them. It does not serve their purposes to uplift anyone, they only get ahead by keeping others down.

A common thread of evil is that it uses lies and exploitation to control others. So what of those that use blaxploitation politics to tear communities apart just so they can get ahead? Halfhearted calls for peace from such as these is mere cover for their blatant attempts to cause unrest. Grand manipulators for whom things like truth and decency are quaint old fashion concepts best forgotten.

“The Conservative Mind”

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