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James Madison, Father of the Constitution

At no time since President Andrew Jackson unconstitutionally ordered the ethnic cleansing of America’s Southeast of all Cherokees, has there been such a constitutional crisis as this. Even then, the reprehensible actions of Jackson were confined to a single event. Today the U.S. is entering a new era of lawlessness, one that dwarfs the Wild West in its national impact and threatens the foundations of the country. Hyperbole this is not, and involves much more than Obama’s so called executive amnesty.

President Obama himself said on at least twenty two occasions that executive action on amnesty would be illegal. He said so in language that was so unequivocal in its clarity that misunderstanding was not possible. Yet, that which he himself declared to be the actions of a emperor he has done. By what measure are such actions to be judged? Should they not be judged in light of the President’s own words? If so, is not his lawlessness impeachable? It not, than what is? The President has turned his back on his oath of office and the country he represents. A traitor to all that America stands for, that being a country ruled by laws and not by men.

Of course his actions did not happen in a vacuum. He has been leading up to this action for a long time. Pushing the boundaries of law and decency beyond the breaking point, he has set a trend that has had ramifications across the nation. When he said he planned on fundamentally transforming America, I doubt this is what anyone had in mind.

As the Rule of Law comes under fire, freedom is one of the first casualties. Freedom is what the United States symbolizes to the world and what the founders fought for. More than a Million lives have been lost over the country’s history in defense of it and many more left maimed in body and spirit. Their sacrifices, and the blood they gave so freely, was meant to secure for their kinsmen and posterity that which they themselves held so very dear. Now, what was once held more valuable than life itself is being thrown aside like yesterdays rags by a man devoid of honor. Even what American’s consider their most basic freedoms have become far from secure.

Bil of Rights Picture

  • Freedom of Religion, the very freedom that brought so many people to this land, has been eroded to the point it might disappear altogether. In Houston the mayor threatened jail time to pastors who did not submit their sermons to her. The Affordable Care Act sought to fine those whose conscience did not fit its mold. Anti-Semitic and anti-Christian bias is par for the course in American media where Christians are portrayed as buffoons and Jews as intolerant and greedy. Former presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has stated that America is but “one generation away“from persecuting Christians, he might very well be right.
  • Freedom of Speech, that most basic of all freedoms, has been maligned, restricted and even outlawed. Around the President and on college campuses “free speech zones” restrict the people’s voice to remote locations, essentially silencing them. Conservative voices are often forbidden to speak in college forums and those that resist the gay agenda are at risk of losing their jobs. There is a constant push to restrict talk radio in the name of “fairness,” and under the pretense of restricting ‘hate speech’ and seditious acts new laws have been put in place. In an absurd example of this trend, a rapper in Los Angeles is facing life in prison and sets in jail on a million dollars bond because he had a gun on his album cover.
  • Freedom of the Press, essential to a free society, has been suffocated under a regime who values it not. Under President Obama reporters have been threatened for doing their jobs, newspapers spied on, access to the White House used as a bargaining chip and even stories have been edited under threat. Even liberals have complained on how badly they are treated by this administration. It is little wonder that the United States has fallen to 46th in press freedom under Obama, all of this in the first country to enshrine freedom of the press in its constitution.

Nothing is sacred, nothing so far out of bounds that this President doesn’t have the audacity to take on the challenge. Using lies, half truths and hate, he has divided Americans; turning the nation in upon itself. Utilizing this breech to impose controls on the e country that would have been impossible otherwise. Today what a mother packs in her child’s lunch can land her in hot water and supporting the wrong party might get you audited. Warrants are fast becoming a thing of the past, at least for the NSA and even the IRS. Every major government agency now has its own armed agents and even swat teams. Is this America?

The highlights listed here are not an end all list of where President Obama has brought the country, but merely an extremely light skimming of the surface. In light of this, the latest illegal actions and lies put forth by the President are almost a non-event. Just another step up the long stairway Barack Obama has been leading the country. A stairway that will end in a semi-democratic dictatorship.

This is not the first time America has faced adversity that threatened its way of life. A patriot and most worthy spokesman for freedom, John Adams, let emotions and bad advice get the best of him. In 1798 Adams put into effect the Alien and Sedition Acts that essentially outlawed decent. President Wilson did the same during WW I, even enlisting neighbors to spy on neighbors. In both cases the actions were seen as unbearable by the American people and were soon thrown on the trash heap of history. Today the snake of tyranny has been much slower to tighten its coils, catching many unaware as it squeezes the life blood of freedom from American veins. Even so there is hope.

Among the ruinous acts of liberals taking place nationwide, there is a gathering storm of resistance that may be finally gaining momentum. The latest election results hint at the fact Americans are waking up to the state they are in. College campuses across the nation are becoming hotbeds of conservative rebellion to the liberal status-quo. ObamaCare, an abysmal failure and inherent threat to liberty, is collapsing under its own weight. Even the illegal amnesty plan of Obama’s is not a slam dunk for El Presidente. It will take at least 90 days to start implementation. That is 90 days for the Republicans to come up with a way to stop the order from ever taking effect.

There is still time to alter the future course of the U.S. and by default mankind. If this generation fails to stop the tide of tyranny then America, the world’s bulwark of freedom, will slide into the abyss of history. With it all hope for a free world. The time is short and the need for patriots great. All need to heed the call and stand in the gap. There is still time but let their be no mistake, twilight is already upon the land. The last fading rays of freedoms light are already starting to dim. Complacency is the enemy and failure too grim to contemplate. The wind is finally at the back and momentum on the side of those who embrace freedom. Pray to God that this moment is not wasted lest it never come again.

“The Conservative Mind”

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