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Recent revelations of how Obama administration surrogates deceived the public during the passage of the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, are rocking the American political establishment. While well known among conservatives, the blatant disdain for the American people and the lies purposely told are coming as a shock to many. While the videos of ObamaCare architect and salesman Jonathon Gruber hit a nerve with many, the truth is that the methods employed to pass ObamaCare were precedent setting for the administration.

Billions would be funneled to Obama supporters in the name of jobs and green energy. Many of the enterprises would end in bankruptcy, with the principle officers walking away with millions of tax payer dollars. Laws would be changed without the input of congress, scandals like Fast and Furious would be hushed up, the IRS would become the Administrations attack dog and men would die in Benghazi while the President lied about it. The VA, NSA, NRLB, HHS, EPA and even the Justice Department became centers of scandals and objects of ridicule under an administration that seemed to have no limits. All the time the press would cover for him even as he kept a foot keenly pressed against their necks.

All of this has happened under a relatively restrained President Obama. Wary of the political ramifications, the President tried to keep up at least the appearance of being a reasonable man. Now, with the massive Democratic Party losses in the last election, and little to lose personally, the President is free to be himself. That outlandish actions might further damage his own party seems to be of little consequence.

To start out his last hurrah, he sent out a personal message to the leader of Iran asking for support to fight ISIS in exchange for capitulation on nuclear issues. That such an action plays into Iran’s hand and endangers the entire Middle East is of no concern to him. He followed that by a trip to China where he offered up the world in exchange for worthless trinkets. Giving them unlimited spy visas, while American journalist will still be subject to limitless harassment by the PRC. He also promised to reduce CO2 emissions from the United States at an economically crippling rate while China promised nothing but future possibilities.

The biggest firestorm is being created by his planned executive action on immigration. Something he himself once said was a clear violation of the constitution. In response, congress is doing a lot of bellyaching but offering little else to counteract the brazen actions. Something that is likely to only encourage the President to do even worse. With the EPA and other regulatory agencies at his beck and call, the damage he can do is unfathomable. In foreign policy he can run amuck as well, with little that congress can do to stop him.

The counterbalance to the executive office is supposed to be congress and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court’s epileptic make up makes it unreliable and congressional Republicans, despite riding high on their recent victories, are being coy on employing their new found clout. Some of the reason that they are afraid to meet the President head on could be fear of a public relations nightmare. So instead of standing up to extra constitutional abuses they talk about defunding actions or even blockading Obama favored legislation. The first is ineffective and the second is just plain dumb. Of course the major reason the Republican leadership is not talking the “I” word, impeachment, is more fundamental. Most are slaves to business interest that actually want wholesale amnesty for illegal aliens. Letting Obama do it, even illegally, lets  them off the hook. They can say we tried to stop him to their constituents while letting their big business backers get what they want. As far as American workers, they get shafted by both parties.

Some are also saying that an impeachment would work against the Republicans, touting the impeachment of Bill Clinton as an example. Leaving aside that the impeachment did not, as commonly cited, harm Republicans, the truth is the two cases are worlds apart. In fact, comparing impeaching Bill Clinton to impeaching Barack Obama would be an exercise in contrasts. Bill Clinton lied under oath but few could get beyond the sex aspect of the case. Clinton was also likable personally. Obama on the other hand is plunging in popularity. In fact he is less popular than Republicans by a large margin. Additionally, his crimes are directly affecting every man and woman in the United States. This is not lying about sex. Of course Republicans would need some Democrat support for a conviction, but given his actions are hurting their party as well, some Democratic votes might be found.

Unfortunately, Boehner and McConnell are not thinking along these lines. As stated, they are more than happy to let Obama take the blame for what they politically could not accomplish otherwise. Even if by refusing to stand up to the President they are damaging the country, for them it is worth it. They believe they can take political cover by engaging in useless parliamentary maneuvers, waste of time law suits and even petty games over minor bills. They are probably right.

The real point is being missed. The fundamental charge of the Congress is to defend the constitution, not to play politics with the country’s future. President Obama’s recklessness is endangering the Republic and even American lives. It is congresses duty to put a stop to it. Instead all one hears is a bunch of double talk. The result is an unspoken collusion of deception where the watch dogs become the enablers of the wolf.

At this point, only the wrath of the American people is likely to spur congress into action and change their current direction, it is for certain their sense of duty won’t.

“The Conservative Mind”

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