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While Republicans celebrate a historic victory and Democrats bicker over the meaning of their defeat, the election signals something both sides seem to miss. One of the reasons for the landslide victory was one group decided to stay home. Black voters saw no advantage to coming to the aid of a man and a party who showed no interest in their welfare. Many started to voice concerns long held in private, that Democrats took them for granted and gave them little respect.

To combat an apathy that seemed to be permeate every corner of the country, the Democrats pulled out all the stops. Running ads declaring Republicans to be akin to the devil himself. Help elect Democrats or you might be shot down in the street is the message sent to black voters. Evoking the false image of Micheal Brown promoted in the Main Stream Media (MSM), they attempted to illicit support from those who they had walked on for too long.

Democratic Racial AdsCondoleezza Rice once said she became a Republican because she preferred being ignored than patronized, a reference to the condescending attitude of most Democrats toward people of color. Even the first lady said many “probably didn’t even realize there was an election” or preferred to “sleep in” than vote. The Democratic Senator from Louisiana was more blatant, she just called them stupid. For years poor black communities have suffered from maladies originating from liberal Democrat policies. Still, for decades the Democrats could rely on the Black vote to help them stay relevant. It seems as though President Johnson’s prediction after signing the Civil Rights act that he would “have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years” was going to come true.

This election something was different, for the first time in generations there was a Republican fight for the black vote. While Democrats tried to gin up support from minorities using the emotions of fear and anger, Republicans reached out with ads that spoke to their intellect and responded to their suffering. Some of the most powerful ads were run by a political PAC run by a conservative black Republican. For the first time minority communities were seeing political ads meant for them that did not insult their intelligence or simply use anger as a prime motivator.

While there is little evidence that Republican efforts resulted in a ground swell of support for their candidates from black communities, the rejection of the Democrat agenda was there for all to see. Additionally, the anecdotal evidence of increased support of the conservative agenda by black Americans is undeniable. More and more conservatives of color are making public stands against the liberal onslaught that has torn their communities apart. There are many up and coming conservative black politicians as well. People who are ushering in a time when the color of ones skin will no longer be looked to as a determiner of anything.

In South Carolina and Utah black Republicans gained seats in congress, not by patronizing fellow minorities or waving their color around, but by standing on issues. Mia Love and Tim Scott won election not because they were Black, or in spite of it, but simply because they won the war of ideas. By standing on conservative principles they were able to garner support from those the Democrats would have the world believe were racist. They, of course, were not the first black Republicans to win election in the modern era, others have forged that path. But they seem to be on the leading edge of a new era. What is happening now is a clear cracking of the Democratic Party’s hold on black America.

Love and Scott came to power as other voices are making themselves heard. People from both inside and outside the black community that are rejecting the victim mentality and diversionary tactics imposed on them by the left. The opening salvos of an ideological war meant to free the minds of those long ago freed in body. It is more than just a fight for votes, it is a fight for the future of millions languishing in America’s inner cities. That this war is gaining steam is in no little thanks to President Obama, his patronizing attitude and ignoring of black issues has created a backlash that is being felt across the country.

All of this is not to say that black Americans will now be voting as conservatively as their communities have historically been, but that the tide might be turning. A slow awakening is happening that will start to eat away at the Democrats most loyal base. Scare tactics and open attempts to divide people, creating unfounded animosity, are finally running their course. Other voices are now being heard, voices of hope and reconciliation. Voices that will not be shuttered and locked away. Not a mad rush of change, but a clear eroding of the old order.


“The Conservative Mind”

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