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In America, home of the modern constitutional Republic, the integrity of the voting process has never been shakier. This is because, despite its status, the country has done little to safeguard the system. Long run on little more than inertia, the system has become ripe with corruption. Once more, any attempt to correct the situation is often demonized by those whose agenda is benefited by it.

A recent study of illegal aliens and voting trends shows that foreigners, residing in the U.S. both legally and illegally, are voting in American elections with increasing frequency. The numbers, in the tens of thousands, is enough to swing close elections. This should be of little surprise as get out the vote efforts by Democrats has been targeting Spanish speakers for some time, Registering them to vote with no regard as to whether they legally can cast a ballot or not

As if on cue, two other recent stories show another aspect of voter fraud taking the country by storm.  A recent video sting operation caught a Greenpeace activist explaining how to collect absentee voter applications from “ghetto” neighborhood garbage cans and use them to help swing an election. In Arizona a eyewitness to just such an event was stupefied to learn the vote monitors did not feel such actions were worth their time to investigate. A vulgar Hispanic man stuffed a whole box load of absentee ballots into a ballot box and left after saying a few choice words to the bystander watching him in amazement.

Given these revelations it is not surprising that some poor areas during President Obama’s re-election had virtually 100% turnout, with some precincts having more votes cast than voters. In Ohio alone he received about 100% of the vote in over 1oo precincts. The fact is poor neighborhoods never have high turnout rates, even in black areas with Obama on the ballot. In Detroit, a city where blacks are the majority, the turn out rate in the historic 2008 election was 53%.

Still there are even more ways the voting system in the U.S. is being undermined. Some may remember the case of a woman was arrested after bragging about voting twice for President Obama on camera. It was assumed by most this was no aberration, but pulling back of the curtain on what is a wide spread problem. Watchdog.org reported earlier this year that 6.9 million voters aver 28 states are registered to vote in two or more places. The cross check did not include 22 states, including the three most populous, so the real number is likely over twice that.  Which means that as much as 5% of the U.S. population are able to vote multiple times. Clearly not all do, but even if 1/2 or 1 percent do so the ramifications for close elections are huge.

Using Bribery and coercion to get votes is as old as Democracy. Some years ago a Democratic activist was caught paying homeless cigarettes to vote for her candidate. While this type of activity likely goes on much more than people know, coercion is a much more wide spread problem. In this case, the coercion is happening to societies most vulnerable, the mentally handicapped and dementia patients. Across the country patients in long-term care facilities are being registered to vote in elections, despite the fact are incapable of discerning who to vote for or even why they are voting at all. Defending their despicable actions as a rights issue, those manipulating the disabled for political purposes are rarely punished.

Add to all of this the people who vote in other people’s names, dead voters and voting machines that mysteriously seemed to be programed to vote for only one party, what you have is a system that is severely compromised. A Pew Foundation study of America’s voting system found it antiquated and inefficient, the kind of system that is primed for abuse. As shown above by the large number of news links, voter fraud is rampant and incessant part of the American landscape. Whereas in the time of Jim Crow the worst abuses were centered around the disenfranchisement of Blacks in the south, the modern voting scandal is vote dilution. Except for the perennial attempts by Democrats to suppress military votes, disenfranchisement is no longer a real problem.

Fixing the voting system in the United States is problematic due to the fact that one party seems to benefit disproportionally from the fraud. Liberal grass roots organizations and Unions are prime sources of the corruption. Knowing that a crackdowns, and a much needed overhaul, would mean less Democratic Party influence, Democrats loathe to do anything about the situation. It is the real basis of their objections to even something as simple as voter IDs. Of course, even IDs would not solve the myriad of issues facing the voting system. What is needed is a twenty-first century overhaul. Unfortunately, that is something the Democratic Party will not allow to happen.


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