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Recently President Obama completed his 200th game of golf, a nice break from the day to day pressures of being President. Of course golf is a distant second place to his favorite past time, fund raising. The President has attended over 400 fundraisers since becoming President, a mark that definitely earns him the title of fundraiser and chief. President Obama has been busy with other chores as well. He has been running around promising various left wing groups to work on their behalf on items like immigration reform. He has even gone as far as to claim the authority to accomplish these actions unilaterally, despite a constitution that forbids him to do so. While such actions show Obama is willing to project his authority and even to press it beyond its legal limits, he has nonetheless been conspicuously missing when it comes to doing his prime responsibility, governing.

During Benghazi he was it too much of a hurry to attend a fundraiser to deal with the trifling matter of an American mission under attack. In the aftermath his clumsy attempts at a coverup, and the lies perpetrated in doing so. still are fresh in the minds of many Americans. The Veterans Administration (VA) became so out of control Veterans were dying while its bosses were getting bonuses for doing such a great job. Obama for his part knew of these issues before even came to office and demanded something be done, but when he got in position to make sure things were fixed he did nothing. During the roll out of ObamaCare, his signature “achievement,” instead of making sure everything was done right and handled properly, his administration gave out the contract to build the site to a company whose main quantification was the company’s president was an ardent Democrat and regular visitor to the White House. A contract that was awarded without going through the regular bidding process. When things started to fall apart they at first pretended all was well, only admitting problems existed long after their denials became patently absurd. Even the Secret Service, charged with protecting his life, was allowed to get so out of control until it became an national embarrassment.

Probably the most telling of recent events was his administrations admission that they had no plan on how to deal with ISIS weeks after it had taken a sizable chunk of Iraq. His explanation was that this was an Iraq problem, as if the richest and most brutal terror organization on the planet was no danger to the U.S or its allies. Eventually he was pushed into doing at least something. In limiting U.S. action to air support of Iraqi and Kurdish forces, he has chosen a path that creates the least amount of commitment and involvement on his part. Unfortunately, so far his bombing campaign seems to be of no more a deterrent to ISIS then bee stings are to a hungry bear after honey.

Obama’s handling of Ebola Crisis also followed this now entrenched pattern of inaction, denial and finally limited action when the incompetence becomes unbearable to the American people. After months of silence President Obama came out to assure the American people Ebola would not come to the U.S., and if it did the U.S. was set up to handle it. Like many statements and promises made by the President, these too have proven to be untrue.

The President, who steadfastly refuses to put troops in harms way to save the lives of Iraqis, is doing just that in the fight to contain Ebola. This while refusing to take the basic precaution of limiting flights from Ebola countries to the U.S. To his credit, he recently appointed an Ebola Czar to handle the crisis and take any blame for things that go wrong. A czar that will operate within stringent limitations of inaction set by the President.

The back story is that there was already a “czar” in place. Health and Human Services (HHS) has an office run by an Assistant Secretary whose sole purposes was to set up protocols and put in place plans for threats like Ebola. Set up by President Bush and now run by an Obama appointee, the office has been strangely missing from the Ebola debacle. This is likely because that, despite being in place for a decade, the office has no real protocols or plans drawn up. It has been used instead as a conduit to direct government grants to Obama supporters. Despite calls for investigations, Obama did what he always does, nothing. (excellent article on the the Office and the woman running it can be found here)

This would all be laughable if it were not so tragic. Barack Obama’s inaction in regard to Ebola are unfathomably naive and potentially very deadly. On the other hand, his delayed and limited action while thousands were being murdered, raped and sold into slavery is unconscionable. It would be easy to say he is simply over his head and many have. The truth is, President Obama is also blinded by an ideology that consumes him to the point that even basic common sense is often beyond his grasp to comprehend. Additionally, after his second election he surrounded himself by yes men and continues to rely on a mentor who is as clueless as he is. This is an administration of blind ideologues that is leading the country and the world into a ditch.

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