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Mamoths Control ClimateSome twenty six years ago the Toronto Conference announced to the world that Global Warming, due to increasing CO2, was the greatest threat facing the mankind. What followed was an unending tide of doomsday predictions meant to scare John Q Public into signing their futures away. Around eighteen years later Al Gore, riding high on a wave of alarmist predictions of doom, released the Inconvenient Truth book and documentary. Never mind it was filled with inaccuracies and deliberate falsifications, it still won Gore an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. Today, after nearly three decades of predicting the end of the world, the alarmist spell is finally breaking. Last month when the UN held a summit on the issue to which the public and many world leaders let out a collective yawn. Many nations didn’t even bother showing up.

Compared to the climatic record, the present temperature swings are minor and inconsequential

The issue is not that people do not care for the planet, they do. Environmental awareness has never been higher but skepticism about the effects of Global Warming is also growing. The problem is for all the heated rhetoric and doomsday prophesies, there has been no real warming. No melted ice caps, no catastrophic flooding of the world’s coastlines and most of all no rise in temperature. It has been eighteen years since the last recorded rise in earth’s temperature. There are other issues with the theory of man made Global Warming (AKA: AGW or anthropogenic global warming) as well, most notably the continued use of propaganda and bad science to scare the public. The ice shelf that broke off in Antarctica is a prime example. It was heralded as sign of impending doom and connected to Global Warming (which of course there hasn’t been any) with ne’er a mention that it was caused by a subglacial volcano. In fact, lies and misleading reporting has been a hallmark of Global Warming since the environmental groups started hyping it. Despite this, it is not the lies and misleading statements that have been Global Warming’s undoing, it is the lack of warming. Joe and Jane Public do not pay attention to esoteric arguments over what caused what and how, but they do know what they see.

Global Temperatures since 1979The average temperature of the earth has not only been static, but according to two of the three major measuring systems, temperatures have actually dropped

The public is growing weary of the constant hyperbolic threats coming out of the environmentalist lobby and their colleagues with PhDs. Not only have the doomsday scenarios not come to pass but it does not look like they ever will. With eighteen years of global stagnation of temperatures, the public is finally (and rightly) discerning that those spewing warnings of impending doom are not credible. Consequently, they are tuning the alarmist out in increasing numbers. While a significant minority in the U.S. and Britain still believe the AGW tagline that man is at fault, and even slim majorities in most of Europe and Canada, it is only in the dark recesses of left wing political circles does it rank as a concern of any consequence.

The truth is Global Warming was never about science, it was from the start an ideological and political movement. A more perfect mechanism by which to both justify and implement wealth redistribution/destruction plans that could scarcely be imagined otherwise. It is little wonder so many of the left leapt at the chance to get on the alarmist band wagon. Across Europe the green and communist party coalitions demanded that carbon be taxed and and proceeds be given to them and the third world. Socialist saw a chance for the state to grab more power and U.S. progressives drooled over the idea of gaining a stranglehold on big oil. Many scientist, following the direction of research grant cash, joined the chorus too. At the center of it all was nothing more than old fashion greed for power and money. An audacious power grab that has no equal in the history of mankind.

Like charlatans whose trickery is on the verge of being exposed, they ridicule those who dared question them or their “science.” There’s a consensus” they proclaimed, as if facts and science were merely about who gets the most votes (and who gets to vote). Skeptics, and those whose research did not show what they wanted it to, are called deniers or worse. To not agree with AGW was nearly criminal with some suggesting it should be prosecuted. But, shaming and name calling has never been the path to enlightenment and it certainly does not make for good science. The fact is good science invites criticism and seeks to be tested, which makes AGW anything but good science.

Time is running out for the Global Warming crowd. Short of using violence, you can only keep the public in check through fear so long. Like the proverbial boy who cried wolf too many times, their cries of doom and despair are increasingly falling on deaf ears. Nonetheless, those pushing an alarmist agenda will not be persuaded to abandon their quest for control. The stakes are too high, the have come too far and success was too close for them to just give up. The recent claims that the arctic ice caps are in a death spiral and walruses are being forced to abandon the melting ice, neither of which is true, are the most recent examples of their desperation. The more people start to ignore them, the shriller their voices become.

With each year of static (or even cooler) temperatures the public will continue to turn their backs on the radical environmentalist and their degreed lackeys. Their outrageous claims are even now becoming the brunt of jokes and fodder for comedians. Like the hippies, bell bottom jeans and OWS, Global Warming is destined to become a curiosity for future generations to be amused by.

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