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As the President vows to fight a war that congress has never declared, he tells Hispanic Caucus he is with them on immigration (and apparently against the Rule of Law he is suppose to represent). The U.S. has economy showed some stirrings. Unemployment dropped below 6% and last quarter growth is a blistering 4.6% (a mediocre number historically, but a great leap above previous quarters). All in all the he has managed to keep up at least some air of legitimacy, that is as long as those listening do not take the time to look beyond the rhetoric.

The war (or maybe better described as an Overseas Contingency Operation) with ISIS is merely an outgrowth of Obama’s fantasy world foreign policy. A policy that left Iraq unprotected and the door to ISIS wide open. At least that what one gets from reading former Defense Secretary Penetta’s account of United States’ precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. According to Penetta (and former Ambassador Ryan Crocker) the Status of Forces agreement needed for troops to stay was left to whither on the vine by the Obama administration. They did not want troops in Iraq, no matter how pressing the need for them to be their. Now, as bombs are dropped by aircraft on targets by pilots whose orders ore based more on sky view guess work than hard on the ground intelligence, the hope is that the ISIS can be stopped without putting soldiers in harms way. Having forgone the ounce of prevention, Obama is stuck with dropping thousands of pounds of wishful cures.

As the world continues to slide into chaos, the impression is that Obama is seeking out those whom he can count on to let him lead from behind. In contrast, he is putting himself front and center of the domestic stage. Leading the fight to inundate the United States with uneducated immigrants from Latin America. He recently was bragging to the crowd at Hispanic Caucus that he rode over with two illegal aliens, something that must of made officers at ICE and in his CBP offices cringe. The President made perfectly clear that in the battle between the Rule of Law, the American people and those who oppose both, which side he is on. He not only told the caucus he is with them and when it comes to letting illegal aliens stay in the U.S., he was emphatic that “no force can stop us.”

On the economic front, the news of dropping unemployment and BEA’s release of a 4.6% growth rate seem to justify Michelle Obama’s claim that the United States is better off by every economic measure. Of course, as with everything else, the news is merely static that serves to obfuscate the true nature of things.

The second quarter growth rate follows one where the economy actually shrunk, which makes average growth in the range of treading water. True the economy gained 248,000 new jobs last month but another 315,000 dropped out of the workforce. The participation rate is reaching lows not seen in 36 years. Many of those that have left the workforce are now on America’s burgeoning welfare and disability rolls. Even this does not tell the whole story, according to a Rutgers University survey, a full 22% of Americans who lost a job in the last 5 years are still unemployed. Two thirds of Americans say their standard of living has fallen, with 26% claiming a drastic reduction in the standard of living. Maybe Mechelle Obama is doing well under this President but the American people are not.

Participation Rate

What a recovery under President Obama looks like

The fact is the economy continues to be convulsing along due to FED policies that have distorted both the markets and monetary system beyond comprehension. Something that has been a blessing for President Obama as it has served to cover the true extent of the economic damage he has inflicted. How long the masquerade can be kept up is still an open question.

Stock Market verses GDPSince the FED easing program, the connection between GDP and the stock markets has been tenuous at best

No country in history has such a distorted monetary system and survived economically

The administration of Barack Obama has been good at bellowing lofty sounding rhetoric, ignoring threats and walking over congress. Unfortunately, his victories have not led to success, only more misery. From the border crisis to the killing fields in Iraq and the collapsing American dream, President Obama’s agenda has wreaked havoc both at home and abroad. Unbridled by congress, the depth and breadth of his destructive nature seems to know no bounds.

One would of thought that somewhere, sometime he would see the folly of his ways and grasp at the first opportunity to divert from the present course. But, his  is a temperament of a man so convinced of the rightness of his vision that he is incapable of diverting from it, no matter the cost. A broken record, playing the same tune of failure over and over again. Failed energy “investments”, shovel ready jobs, ObamaCare, reset with Russia, withdrawal from Iraq, border enforcement, dream Act, failure to make a plan to deal with ISIS and a national debt that would make Mad King Ludwig blush, all but preludes to the next debacle and the ones after that. A man condemned to wander in circles of delusion and failure while others pay the cost.

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