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Missouri ProtestersParanoia runs deep, into your heart it will creep, starts when your always afraid, step out of line and the man will come and blow you away. While not an exact rendition of the 1960’s era protest song, it is nonetheless what blacks in Saint Louis suburb of Ferguson are being told to think. Looking at the massive protests and carnage being wrought by those angered at the death of unarmed teen Micheal Brown one would think it was the first time such an event had happened, at least in some time.

Unfortunately, the Micheal Brown tragedy was not the first such event this year, in fact his story follows many others. For instance Keith Vidal who was shot point blank while he was being restrained. The 90 pound teen North Carolina teen was killed last January seemingly because a police officer thought taking him into custody was taking too long. Tyler Comstock from Iowa was killed after he took his father’s truck for a joy-ride. In fact a cursory look at the news over the past year finds a multitude of such instances with varying degrees of justification and sometimes with no justification at all.

Almost none of these cases made it much beyond the local news nor were they accompanied by massive protests or riots. Al Sharpton saw no need to visit their parents and the police riot gear remained stowed away. Across the nation questionable shootings have taken place without people destroying property or resorting to wanton violence. The fates of these kids and barely adults escaped national notice, especially if they were white.

There is little profit for those seeking to sensationalize and exploit tragedies involving deaths of the so called “privileged” class. MSNBC’s perennial race baiting host, Al Sharpton, for certain could care less how many whites die, or blacks for that matter. His only interest is in those cases that can be used to whip up racial strife. The more harm he can do to the communities where these tragedies happen the better, in so doing he creates the illusion of an out of control racist society so crucial for his continued relevance.

The truth is poor African American communities, situated in the run down recesses of America’s inner cities, need little to spark them off. Already devastated by liberal policies of welfare handouts, minimum wage hikes and schools run for the benefit of unions instead of students, their neighborhoods are ripe with rage in need of an outlet. Much of the restraining forces of church and family have declined to near irrelevance. Into this situation Sharpton and his cohorts in left wing black academia and the media insert themselves, putting matches to the explosive mixture they find at their feet.

The motives and rational behind the killing of young Micheal Brown are now lost in deluge of violence and speeches by angry residents, scared police as well as pompous outsiders seeking to gain from the Brown family’s loss. Another unfolding tragedy is that of young blacks that are having it burned ever deeper into their psyche that the world is against them. In today’s rampages the seeds of tomorrows tragedies are being forged.

Such tragedies as those exemplified by Kieth, Tyler and Micheal, need to be examined in the context of where and how they happened, devoid of mindless rage or unnecessary racist overtones. Then and only then, is there a possibility of such tragedies being avoided in the future and justice being served. This is not to say public outrage is not warranted, peaceful, restrained and directed protests are a mainstay of America and that is as it should be. On the other hand, the stupid “No justice, No peace” crowd who sees violence as a means to bully others into submission have no legitimate place in the public square.

There is another side of this story as well, the militarization of police forces has increased public wariness of police actions. Modern society amplifies these effects by spreading news of police abuses like wildfire, often accompanied by pictures or video of the event. While such things cause angst even among middle class Americana, it has an exponential effect on the poor where such feelings long ago had taken hold.

Into this fray swoop in societal vultures, people who have no regard for life, property or even human decency. They seek only to gain personally off the misery of others. Wrapping themselves in self-righteousness, they portend to defend the downtrodden when in fact they seek only there own enrichment. Both feeding of from and amplifying societal paranoia, these pariahs have gathered to themselves fame and fortune off the misery they create. Al Sharpton is presently the most notorious of these race hustlers but he is far from the only one.

“The Conservative Mind”

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