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THe impact of CO2 increasing from .0028% to .004% of the atmosphere is the climatic equivalent of a beetle hitting a car windshield.

In the push for worldwide governmental control of the world’s natural resources, the Global Warming movement  stands alone. Unlike college campus meetings of out of touch socialists or rich elitist get togethers in posh out of the way resorts, global warming has been in the public’s face for decades now. A massive wealth redistribution scheme that uses alarmist theories to justify what would be otherwise rejected outright.

What is now called AGW in some circles, and just climate change in others, is taught in schools and pasted across newspapers in Orwellian fashion. Over time though the constant barrage of catastrophic scenarios has had the opposite of its intended effect. Numbed to the cries of climate Chicken Littles, people are increasingly tuning out the chattering fools of the Global Warming movement. Adding to the movements woes is the fact the pseudoscience they have based everything on has been falling apart.

The truth is, the active manipulation of data has been the bread and butter of Global Warming alarmism from the start. The infamous Hockey Stick graph that erased the Medieval Warm period and projected unending temperature rises was a prime example. Just as blatant is the manipulation of temperature data over time by NASA (graphs shown below) and others to show a warming trend that does not exist. The hottest decade on record is not the 1990s, as commonly claimed, but was the 1930s.  Using algorithms to create “corrected” numbers the current warming trend is more fantasy than reality.

Another favorite tactic is to associate natural phenomenon to Global Warming. Australian rivers that dry up periodically now are blamed on global warming, a volcano melts an Antarctic ice shelf and Global Warming is blamed, more hurricanes must be global warming, less hurricanes-global warming, cold winters or mild ones are both said to be signs the world is suffering from catastrophic climate change. Even man made disasters are often blamed by they alarmist on AGW.

The movers and shakers of the alarmist religion have yet to be deterred, if anything their voices get shriller the more they are revealed to be the charlatans they are. Al Gore still tries to whip up support for a cause he has done much to discredit. President Obama has been using Global Warming alarmism to try to divert attention from his many scandals and justify new Draconian EPA regulations. Just this last week a trio including former treasury secretary Hank Paulson and the former semi-fascist mayor of New York, Micheal Bloomberg, got together to promote carbon taxes as a way to protect the world’s economy from climate change. A move akin to curing a headache with a bullet to the head.

Despite the collapse of the warming trend, revelations of falsified data, and a series of senseless claims, the greatest conspiracy in world history continues. The coalition of greedy whoremonger leftest, prostitute scientist and their supporters refuses to surrender to reality. Driven by their shared deluded fantasy of a government created Utopia and dreams of riches picked from the pockets of consumers, they are not about to give up the fight. To that end, the hysterics are likely to get even worse and lies even more blatant. Fortunately, the louder they scream the less support they are garnering.

“The Conservative Mind”

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The conclusion, conveyed with great authority by several big-league climatologists from government and private research organizations, is terrible: by the year 2000, the atmosphere and weather will grow warmer by several degrees and life – animal, plant, human – will be threatened. The experts say that melting ice caps, flooded cities, droughts in the corn belt and famine in the third world could result if the earth’s mean temperature rises by a mere two or three degrees.  PBS NOVA series 1986