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Waves of underaged illegal immigrants are coming across the border and overwhelming a system that was never design to handle such a deluge of minors. The United States has never seen anything like it and the tide shows no sign of slowing. The borders of the greatest nation on earth are burgeoning with pseudo refugee camps filled with kids from Central America, mostly Guatemala.

This child’s crusade is becoming almost as tragic as the ones that went against the Holy Land’s Medieval Muslim invaders. Prompted by the promises in President Obama’s Dream Act and by congresses infamous gang of eight, encouraged by unscrupulous Latin American government officials, and exploited by the drug cartels; the children are merely pawns in a deadly game. Mexico for its part has been complacent in this crime against humanity by allowing the flood to stream across the country unimpeded.

The kids, some just babies, have come across mostly on trains under the direction of drug gangs who see them as just another revenue stream. After getting paid to get them to America, the cartels pick a few to become new recruits or to replenish their brothels. The rest fair not much better, many are killed or get maimed trying to ride the so called death trains. Others die trying to get across desolate sections of Mexico and America’s Southwestern Deserts. Those that are successful carry with them deep emotional scares and many actual ones as well. Telling tales of abuse and even torture, the border crossing kids are victims of a society that has failed them.

Of course the tales of woe do not begin and end with the illegal aliens themselves but have spread beyond them. Bringing diseases like TB, swine flu, and measles they pose a health threat to America and the cartels are using them as diversions for their illicit trade as well.

The current situation is the result of misguided policies in the U.S and corrupt amoral politicians in Central America and Mexico. The full extent of the atrocities being committed against the kids showing up at the border is indeterminable. There are surely instances of exaggerations meant to gain sympathy but just as likely fear might keep many from telling the full extent of what has befallen them. What is undeniable is the fact these kids have experienced an unfathomable journey for those so young. If the reports of what they have endured are even half true it should be a call to action. The exploitation of children for profit is a crime for which no proper term exists; in this case the profit comes in both monetary and political forms.

When it comes to the mass exploitation of children, what measure are people to judge such evil and what punishment could fit such a crime? Correspondingly, how are the people of the United States supposed to respond? There is little doubt that there should be a full diplomatic pressing of Mexico to stop the crossings and and demands that Guatemala and others start discouraging the exploitation of their children. Planes filled with these societal orphans should be sent back to their countries of origin to impress on others not to attempt the trip. Many things could be done, but for now all there has been is half-hearted speeches by uncaring politicians and searches for ever larger warehouses. There are even those who are seeking to set up processing stations to give the kids special expedited green cards, an act that would only make matters worse.

Kids apprehended at border

It seems that the politicians in the United States are more interested in finding the right political angle than the welfare of so many innocents. In the meantime, the children continue to suffer for the sins of others. As the bodies pile up across Mexico and in the hot Southwestern United States a new American Trail of Tears is being forged, one that will be a shame on America, Mexico and Central America for generations to come.

“The Conservative Mind”

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