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Che Guevara was a psychopathic killer with little respect for life or anything else. His reputation for being cold blooded is well deserved, a crocodile probably feels more for its victims than Che did for his. The man who played music for his men as they murdered innocents in the aftermath of the Cuban Revolution would often play the role of executioner himself. Despite his horrific actions he became to be a pop icon among the left who idolizes him still today.

Jane Fonda once quipped not sleeping with him to be one of her great regrets. Bob Beckel said on Fox’s Red Eye show that Guvara was a freedom fighter based solely on his opposition to certain dictators. The fact that he fought not to dispose dictators, but to impose dictatorships more to his liking is lost on Bob and many like him. Those with misguided hero worship of Castro’s dog include rock groups whose music Che banned, actors in movies he would of jailed people for seeing (if not worse) and clueless Che T-shirt wearing college students. The effect of the camo wearing devil on even his own men is astounding. They were known to willingly hand over their weapons just so Che could shoot them, many times for little more reason than they did not live up to his standards.

Of course Che is not the only person the left supports that seems at odds with the values they claim to embrace. Another man, whose followers often idolize Che as well, has had a similar effect on his supporters. Obama has undermined, attacked and abused many of his own base and suffered little for it. While the President has dropped in the polls, it has been mostly with independents, people who are fickle in their beliefs anyway. Blacks and the diehard left, although they may be disappointed at times, have mostly stood by their messiah.

As soon as President Obama got in office he ripped school choice away from Washington DC parents. The wildly popular program was making inroads in a district known for its falling schools and giving hope where before there was none. One would have thought those whose children were being condemned to lives of mediocrity would have turned their back on the man, but he remains as popular as ever. The Presidents treatment of the press is another example of how he is forgiven by his adoring throngs no matter what he does.

No president has purposely gone out of his way to attack the press and undermine its position like President Obama. One would have to travel to Russia or some third world outpost to find a leader willing to abuse those who buy ink by the barrel like Obama has done in the U.S. Under his leadership, the United States has slipped in the Reporters without Borders Press Freedom Index from 22nd to 46th, that’s right below Romania but above Haiti. While Freedom House has been much more forgiving, dropping America only from 26th place to 30th, the trend is still the same. The drops have been rightfully earned under a White House that has made a concerted effort to control who prints or says what.

Even the White House press corps most radically left wing reporter, that late Helen Thomas, noted in 2009 that not even Nixon tried to control the media as much as Obama. She lived long enough to see things get worse, much worse; nonetheless, still she remained a loyal supporter right up to her death. In 2010 the Department of Justice (DOJ) confiscated phone records of a Fox News reporter and even had him followed, 2012 the Obama DOJ confiscated records from the Associated Press, and intimidated NYT sources. By 2013 some members of the press were openly chastising the Administration, declaring it the worst since Richard Nixon. Today he is widely seen as being worse than Nixon, with a reporter from the liberal leaning NYT called Obama “the greatest threat to press freedom today.” Correspondingly, the President who declared he would run the most transparent administration in history is setting new records for secrecy.

The attacks on a free press have often gone personal as well with the Administration attacking reporters, removing access and calling up media outlet bosses; a nearly unending pattern of threats and intimidation that would make a third world dictator proud. Abuses not relegated to just the MSM outlets but have extended to social media and telecommunication companies as well. Yahoo, Google Facebook and Microsoft have been told to hand over customer passwords and both ATT and Verizon their phone records, all without warrant or clear legal authority to do so.

It might be coincidence that, two months after excoriating the administration as being the most secretive White House ever, New York Times editor Jill Abramson was fired, but given the atmosphere it might not be. The American press protects the man who would rule over them even if it means sacrificing their own ethics. Leading liberal newspapers, although critical at times, never hesitate to rush to Obama’s aid or act as guard dogs of the Presidents reputation. Lenin had a name for people like these. He called those who support ideologue leaders, even to the point of betraying all they say they hold dear, useful idiots; people who could be counted on to advance his agenda and spread his propaganda no matter what he did. Che had his useful idiots, many of whom are still singing his praises, and President Obama has a cadre of them as well.

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