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Massive melt-offs, rising seas and only 500 days left to prevent climatic catastrophe. These are the headlines being posted across the world as the public once again is subjected to an intelligence insulting onslaught of climate change alarmism. As if on que, the alarmist reacted to the announcement that Antarctic sea ice had reached a 35 year pinnacle with Antarctica story of their own. A massive ice shelf was breaking up, a sure sign the world was facing a cataclysmic flood worthy of Noah.

That the ice shelf in question had been predicted to breakup for years was somehow never mentioned. The Pine Island glacier, a lynch pin of that section of Antarctic ice, has been in trouble for some time. The problem lies not with the weather though, the region still receives ample days below -40 Celsius weather to prevent glaciers from melting, instead the problem is coming from below. Setting on top of a subglacial volcano that has become more active, the bottom side of the glacier has been melting for a long time. The resulting water not only contributes to un-anchoring the ice from the rock, it also lubricates the surfaces which has the combined effect of greatly increasing flow rates. The result was a destabilization of the ice shelf.

Does this mean Antarctica will soon be ice free? The answer is of course a resounding NO! The breakup of parts of the western ice sheet is the result of natural non-climatic forces over which man has no control. It is not a precursor to a larger cataclysm and only affects a small section of the continent. This is not to say it is without effect, some sea rise is likely but not the meters being predicted by some but measured in millimeters instead. An amount that, unless you live in Venice or some other place where millimeters make a difference, will not even be noticed.

The real news is the increasing shrillness of the shrieks coming from the left. Their plan for socialism by the back door is continuing to come off the tracks and they know it. Like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, they have been signaling impending doom for far too long to be taken seriously. The fact that the climate has steadfastly refused to cooperate for the last seventeen years has only added to their panic. The only recourse they seem to have is to make ever more fantastical claims in hopes shear fear will drive the public to demand action.

Despite spending millions of dollars and trying hundreds of times, the alarmist have been unable to create a single computer model that correctly predicts climatic change. A fact that is contributing to the unraveling of their plans to use the weather to grab power. The strategy was doomed to fail like it has before. Just after the turn of the twentieth century Global Warming was being introduced to the public who responded with a collective yawn. In 1939 a G.S Gallagher told the Royal Meteorological society that “man is now changing the composition of the atmosphere at a rate which must be very exceptional on the geological time scale…. the principal result of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, would be a gradual increase in the mean temperature of the colder regions of the earth.” Once the cooling of the 1960’s and 1970’s set in, the new claim was catastrophic global cooling was upon us. Wild schemes like painting the arctic regions black were hatched and questions on how the government should allocate food supplies were asked. The key element these climatic doomsday scenarios has been the need for massive government intervention to avoid impending doom, an intervention that conveniently put all power in the hands of an elitist few.

Now facing an increasingly skeptical public, the alarmist are pulling out all the stops. The claims are becoming ever more fantastical and the science used to back them ever more flimsy. AGW researchers trying to advance the alarmist agenda have repeatedly been caught leaving out data and fudging results.  Scientist who balk at being pawns and speak the truth are ostracized and find their research goes unfunded. Some have been subjected to such harassment and threats as to fear for their very lives. When research is presented, that the Global Warming community does not find helpful to their cause, no effort is spared to suppress it.

The loftiness of their claims and the desperate measures employed are likely to reach new levels of absurdity in the coming months. Like a cornered liar who is unable to come clean, the alarmist are desperate to find someway to move the public in their direction. With the educational community in tow and a mostly complicit press, some inroads in the area of public opinion may be made, but such success is likely to be fleeting.  Facts, it is said, are stubborn things and lies fragile structures who need to be reinforced by more of the same. As their lies are exposed and the absurdity of their claims laid bare, their credibility will continue to erode. It is only a matter of time until those who hopped on the Global Warming bandwagon will find the support they gave an embarrassment best forgotten; at least until the next scheme to grab power is hatched.

“The Conservative Mind”

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