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The left likes to claim the moral high ground, or at least act as though it is entitled to it. Left wing professors and politicians rarely miss a chance to deride conservatives and pretend their opinions are the only ones that count. As if to emphasis this point, conservatives are regularly denied access to college forums and, even if they managed to get the chance to speak, are often attacked either verbally, physically, or both. On most college campuses, it has become a self-evident truth that there is no one more intolerant than a self-described tolerant liberal.

When Sandra Fluke stood up and declared she had a right to have others pay for her sex life, it was met with applause from the liberal elite while those that saw the ludicrousness in such a statement were derided and accused of engaging in a war on women. When religious groups decry attempts under ObamaCare to force them to compromise their conscience, the left attacks them for being intolerant. In their world there is no room for opposing viewpoints or even individual rights. In short, those committed to the greater good have no time to worry about the rights of those they trample on.

Liberalism as a philosophy is born of anger and fed by a egotistical sense of self-importance. For them all morality is relative so having a moral compass really has no meaning. When hospitals in England were found to be using aborted fetuses and miscarried babies as fuel to help heat their facilities, the administrators were astonished to find such an act objectionable to the public. Until recently, it was legal for adults in San Francisco to parade naked in the streets in front of children, it was outlawed not due to some moral objection to the practice but because it was having an impact on tourism.  In another example, the EPA under Obama has carried out experiments on people to justify increased regulations; often the subjects, some minors, were not even informed of the risks they were being asked to take. It should not be surprising either, that in a recent study revealed that 3/4 of all inmates in American prisons identify themselves as liberal Democrats. A fact that probably has more to do with a sharing both an elevated sense of entitlement and the belief that they have the right to impose their will on others, then it does with a shared political philosophy.

Liberalism sheds societal mores and replaces them with ideas that better fits its vision. For them enlightened people like them should be working towards engineering a better society, a society with government at its heart.  To them, Rousseau’s dream of a society, where the state is obligated to take care of its citizenry in return for absolute control of their lives, drives all they do. Individuals in their world, by social contract, have no rights but those the state grants them; people to them are only as important as the government deems them to be. In its most virulent form, it declares all who do not measure up to be of no more worth than yesterdays trash. It was the ideas of liberalism that convinced mass murderer Hermit Gosnell it was okay to kill hundreds of babies. It is also the driving force behind the euthanasia movement in the U.S. and Europe.

Liberal ideas gave birth to the French Revolution; a time when men, women and children were marched to the guillotine as crowds cheered. It shares roots with the ideas that drove Lenin’s purges, Stalin’s mass murders, Hitler’s holocaust, Pol Pot’s killing fields and Mao’s deadly Cultural Revolution. Even today many of them idealize murderers like Chi Guevara and convey near sainthood to people like Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger (a woman who believed killing babies and children of large families was morally acceptable and dedicated her life to controlling the populations of those she considered less desirable, especially blacks). The less radical among them are often slowly drawn into its darkness. A process that will envelop the unwary and rip away all sense of decency if they do not, at some point, recoil in horror at what they are becoming.

In a world where the ends justify the means, no matter what those means are, empathy is no longer an emotion but a tool of control. The vague notion of societal equality and the desire for the power to enforce it consumes them. All else, including human dignity, is of peripheral importance. In a world with few if any absolutes, they feel free to make up the rules as they go along. Lies, divisive tactics, human suffering, it is all on the table as they strive for what they see as the greater good. That the end results are almost always the opposite of what they claimed to be fighting for is of no consequence. Their mistakes are often bitterly defended and rarely corrected, maybe this is because they were never really mistakes at all.

“The Conservative Mind”

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