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As Russia reasserts itself across Eastern Europe, China becomes increasing belligerent with its neighbors and tin pot dictators across the globe dream of conquest, President Obama has decided the best course of action is to withdraw from the world militarily. With the revelation of his plans to reduce the military to pre-WWII levels he has signaled to those with imperial ambitions that their window of opportunity is at hand.

The President’s plans to scrap much of America’s military machine may seem welcome news to those who decry U.S. interventionism abroad. When the United States removed Cuba from Grenada Europeans protested the action even as the Grenadians cheered. The truth is large scale wars are only averted when a single power is able to hold the forces of tyranny at bay. No country has done this better than the U.S. Western Europe has enjoyed a Pax Romana since the U.S. took a leadership position in the world and Eastern Europe is free due to its efforts. It has stood in the gap for freedom around the world. History shows that large scale wars are avoided only when there is a power willing and able to stand up to the whims of tyrants when needed. Despite liberal wishes, the United Nations will never be that power.

The truth is, Russia would advance its forces across the lands once controlled by the Soviet Union if it could do so unopposed. Similarly, the only thing standing in the way of China and complete domination of Asia is American military might. Even the Middle Eastern and Latin American military adventurism is held in check by the presence of American military prowess. Remove America and the world will explode into the chaos of one large international power grab.

This is not to say the United States has been angelic in its use of power or guiltless in its military exploits. Especially recently, where it has abandoned the traditional policy of advancing individual rights and stability for the fool’s errand of Democracy at all cost, the United States has in cases contributed to regional instability. Even so, the overall effect of American power has been to suppress the forces of unbridled carnage and despotic rule to the benefit of all. This is of course lost on this president whose world view is tainted by his father’s anti-western beliefs.

President Obama has consistently put personal ideology above the interest of United States and even the world. His radical integration of the armed forces where female soldiers, who can’t even pull themselves over a wall, let alone pull a comrade over it, are given combat duty to advance the cause of equality is a prime example. He has also set in place a campaign to demoralize the military through accusations of out of control sexual harassment even though it is no better or worse then a modern college campus. Given his history, the present plan to scrap much of the American military fits right in. It seems meant to make America more equal to its adversaries with little attention given to the consequences of such actions.

Dick Chaney’s comment that Obama would rather spend money on welfare is probably not far off either. There is ample evidence this has played a role in President Obama’s decision making. The United States can’t afford the massive expansion of the welfare state and the present efforts of the Obama administration at wealth redistribution while, at the same time, remaining a super power. One has to give and given the President’s world view it is not a hard choice for him to make. The way his administration sees it, it is not only better to surrender America’s standing in the world then sacrifice its “spread the wealth around” philosophy, it fits hand in hand with it.

One thing is certain, if the President is not thwarted in his goals not only will the United States pay a heavy toll for his foolishness, so will the world.

“The Conservative Mind”

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