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Surrounded by servants carrying caviar laden plates and opulently dressed guest, one might of surmised it was at a party thrown by Russian oligarchs or some other gathering of the super rich. There was the woman dressed in a $12,000 dollar gown and men with diamond encrusted cuff links, where else could one expect to see such a gaudy display of wealth? The scene that would of made King Louis XVI blush but this was no meeting of capitalist but a bash thrown by President Obama for France’s socialist/hypocrite president and the lady in question was none other than Michelle Obama.

France’s President Francois Hollande, a man who owns a few homes and prefers the company of mistresses, has made a career out of demonizing the rich. It seems for him, to make one’s money selling things people want is detestable, but gaining it off the backs of taxpayers is somehow above reproach. The Sheriff of Nottingham would feel right at home in Hollande’s administration, a place where confiscatory tax rates are always front and center. Unfortunately, in this case there is no tax repatriating Robin Hood to level the field in France’s socialist Sherwood forest.

The French are not the lone Europeans to have a leadership of elitist bent on robbing their electorate. Reuter’s is reporting that the EU as a whole is hatching a scheme to confiscate, or more appropriately rob, the funds in European bank accounts in a new grand redistribution scheme. Since they got away with it in Cyprus, they see little risk in doing the same to the whole of Europe. In a way it is all nothing new, the central bank inflationary policies have been stealing funds from people’s savings and retirements for years though be it in a much more subtle but just as effective way.

Of course, Europe is not alone in having an out of touch political elite. Michelle Obama has become the America’s very own Marie Antoinette. Decreeing, let them in low calorie food, as she gorges herself at dinners that cost more than most people’s monthly salaries. Her $12,000 dress was par for the course for a woman who has hung diamonds around her dog’s neck and taken pictures of them ready to eat on Presidential china. Air Force One has even been used to shuttle the Obama’s pampered pouches around the country. Michelle’s lavish lifestyle and ostentatious spending habits are not only on par with European royalty, she surpasses them. Spending freely the hard earned money of those she feigns to care about, she shows just how much she really respects the masses. Like all leftest, a thin facade of compassion only serves to hide a deep seated disdain for those she seeks to rule over. Undeniably though, Michelle is not the only Obama who has shown contempt for the American public.

The President’s lies, as of late, have become so blatant not even an adoring press can cover for him anymore. Whether he is telling them terrorist are really protestors or people can keep there doctors under his plan, he treats the public like fools. Then there is the incessant breaking of the law for which there seems no end. As he recently joked to the press, he seems to think that being president gives him power to virtually anything he wants. He also sees nothing wrong with the IRS targeting groups he dislikes, his HHS secretary pushing for donations from companies she regulates, ordering bureaucrats not follow the law in venting contracts to certain individuals or even making appointments he knows he has no legal authority to make. Even his most basic duty, that of enforcing the law, is often ignored at his pleasure. For the President, honoring his oath as President of the United States is seen as purely optional.

While over the top parties and gaudy displays of tax payer funded wealth, as well as the abandonment of any pretense of honor, are deplorable, they are but passing fancies of temporal political figures. The real damage is by the laws they leave behind and debt they incur. The American founders declared debt that can’t be repaid by the generation that borrowed it as utterly immoral. Today, the saddling of future generations with debt they have no part in incurring is a favorite past time of an out of touch political elite. Under President Obama, the U.S. National Debt has soared from around 10 trillion when he took office to over 17 today. Add to this, the president has ordered unending new regulations to be implemented with total disregard to their impact; the result being a burgeoning crises no one is seriously addressing.

As Lord Acton so dutifully pointed out over a century and a half ago, power is a corrupting force from which few escape. That President George Washington so reluctantly picked it up, and willingly let it go, is one of the things that made him stand out among his peers. Almost without exception, those who gain positions of power see themselves as above those whom they pretend to serve. The fleets of limousines in serving European city officials, the grand junkets of American congressmen and other taxpayer funded spoils found the world over are testament to this fact. A cancerous tumor of amoral elitist whose immoral acts threaten the societies in which they reside.

“The Conservative Mind”

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