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The sure foundation of a society is not found in its economic prowess or even its military power; it is the morality of its people that forms the mortar that bonds it together and creates the foundation upon which it can grow. This opinion was not only held by the venerable Edmond Burke, but the founding fathers of the United States as well. It is also true that freedom dwells in places where physical restraint can be loosened without fear of ensuing chaos. It is no exaggeration to say that a society that sheds the strings of moral restraint will soon find itself chained by something far worse.

Thomas Sowell, the economist and conservative thinker, grew up in Harlem. He was dirt poor as were his classmates but his was not the Harlem of today. Children played in the streets and their doors were as likely to be found unlocked as not.  Families went to church and gained a shared sense of community and responsibility. Today locks are not enough, bars have to be attached to the windows as well if people are to feel secure in their own homes. After dark, the streets are not safe as well, let alone for for children. What changed was the morals of many who live their.

America itself was, by all accounts, not up to the rigors of self-rule two or three decades prior to its founding. It was the Great Awakening led by George Whitefield that sparked a change in attitudes that, in turn, set would set the country on a firm foundation. For the first hundred and fifty years contracts were mostly verbal and Christian charities expanded across the land. For sure the country had its share of scoundrels and thieves, but nearly every community was built around a church and every child taught the Golden Rule. Most importantly, children were the center of the American society and by default the nuclear family its most cherished institution.

Today the left seeks to redefine marriage, and in so doing destroy whats left of the nuclear family. Children are becoming more like hobbies then societies most cherished possession. Something that should come as little surprise, as the raising children is now considered an unworthy occupation in a world where the desires of adults often outweigh the needs of the young. America has become a place where abortions flourish, marriages languish and children suffer. As mental illness among the young skyrockets and on the streets children are killing children, no one seems interested in the reason why.

The current situation did not happen overnight, but was the result of a long term concerted effort by those whose desire to remake society is all consuming. These liberal elite have slowly taken over the institutions upon which society relies. Education, entertainment and the media have become bastions of the left. Subsequently, they have succeeded in infiltrated deeper into the American psyche with each succeeding generation.

Like a cancer, the left has slowly eaten away at America’s moral foundations. Educators have become social engineers, influencing how the youth think and see the world around them. Entertainment and the arts have become venue’s for pushing the envelope of societal expectations, abandoning its traditional role of uplifting and inspiring, they instead focus on tearing down and degrading. The press has become a standing joke, reporting left wing dogma as though it was news and twisting facts to advance its not so hidden agenda.

When schools teach kids sex positions and how to use a condom, songs and movies glorify taking what you want and the news says it is all normal; should anyone be surprised at the result? America is becoming a society of self-absorbed hedonist with an entitlement mentality, whose only goal is immediate self indulgence. In such a world where the populous is increasingly worried about getting their share, the people become easily manipulated with left wing clichés like social justice and income inequality. At the same time, crime by disenchanted youth and amoral adults becomes ever more common.

Only the remnants of what was keeps western society from tearing apart at its seams. Where the influence of the past has waned the most, inner city America, the ills of the left have been felt the most. The truth is, a society that loses its moral compass will lose its freedom as well. Nearly all the problems now facing America originate in its journey towards a moral wasteland. What is needed is a new Great Awakening, one that re-establishes the foundations upon which a nation was built. An inoculate against the disease of liberalism that now racks its very soul.

“The Conservative Mind”

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