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Being late to the party has its benefits; for one, the clicks have already formed which makes it easy to figure out who to hang out with. Similarly, being late to comment on the latest scandal lets one see how things have shaken out before playing the fool. Last week much of the world focused on Duck Dynasty and the comments made by the family patriarch. It seems many were taken back by the plain spoken back country man saying what he thought. Of course, anyone even somewhat familiar with the show knows that is what you get with this group.

Unwilling to bend on matters of faith and guns, the Robertson family has made it clear what they stand for, as well as what they won’t stand for. As for A&E, they have reaped in millions from the Duck Dynasty franchise and they showed no inclination they wanted to get off the Robertson family money train. This made their response to the Phil Robertson’s GQ interview a wholly hypocritical exercise in naked grandstanding. That they caved and let the show go on should of been a surprise to no one. Whether there should of been any controversy at all is another question entirely.

To be sure, Mr. Robertson said things in his own way, but that is what makes him who he is. Refreshingly honest and overwhelmingly opinionated, he said what he felt. The problem is, what he said did not set well with some groups. The NAACP spoke up claiming naked racism, but the fact he called the blacks he once worked with Godly and happy left little room for their rabid accusations of bigotry. The same can’t be said for his words on the subject of homosexuality.

For Phil, societal acceptance of gays was an open door to the acceptance of all kinds of sexual deviancy. He added to this observation with a somewhat crude confession. He shared his inability to comprehend how someone could prefer a man’s butt to what a female has to offer. The two statements set into motion a shock wave of unending criticism of Robertson. It seems the gay lobby has invested too much time and treasure to get their lifestyle accepted to let it be undermined by a grey bearded man from the backwoods of Louisiana.

What was not bandied about in the pages of news magazines and newspapers or on major news sites was any attempt to refute what he said. Now the man has been called a bigot and the show impugned by those who probably had never seen it, but honest debate with actual facts has been totally missing. There is probably a good reason for the lack of real fact driven debate, that being they support Phil Robertson more than they support the pundits decrying what he said.

The truth is the mythology that being gay is innate has been proven false, not just one time, but in innumerable peer reviewed studies. An exhaustive search for a gay gene came up empty and no legitimate geneticist claims it exists. Just as Robertson inferred with his colorful commentary, being gay is no more innate than bestiality. If one of the lifestyles is deemed socially acceptable there is no sound basis to deny the other the same benefit!

The genetic myth has been burst not just by a lack of evidence of a gay gene, but by heaps of evidences to the contrary as well. There has been no less than eight peer reviewed studies on identical twins done over the last twenty years, all have come up with similar results. Genetics and sexual orientation have little to no correlation. The 2002 Bearman and Brueckner study for example showed adolescents identical twins had a concordance of 7.7% for males and 5.3% for females. The 2000 Bailey, Dunne and Martin study pf Australian identical twins found a concordance of 11% and 14% respectively. Both are far below the 100% one would of expected, especially after hearing the fanatical diatribes espousing the innateness of homosexuality from the likes of GLAAD.

As if to put an exclamation point on the whole issue, studies have also shown that, despite claims to the contrary, just because one is gay does not mean one will always be. About half of all people who claim to be gay will gravitate towards heterosexuality over their lifetimes. In teens, homosexual activity for most usually lasts only about a year. People do and have moved from one to the other and back again.

All of this is not news to the gay lobby. While many in the rank and file might believe the propaganda, the leadership of the various gay organizations know the truth all too well. The lie of innate homosexual orientation has been propagated by them, with the help of a sympathetic liberal media, to head off the threat that just such facts pose to their agenda. For a group that sees marital rights and unfettered access to children paramount above all else, the lie most be repeated until it becomes the truth.

“The Conservative Mind”

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