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King Obama IIIIn the U.S. news lately their have been a series of disturbing stories of society and its laws being shaped by extra legal means. Not that this is totally new, it is merely the continuation of trend that seems to have picked up steam. Each event has created wounds out of which freedom is oozing from the country’s veins.

An American Supreme Court Justice once warned that “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.” The truth of the statement is on display in the land of the free. Courts and backdoor moves by bureaucrats are bleeding liberty from America’s veins. Like a slowly dieing animal, the wounds being inflicted could prove fatal if left untreated. Wounds inflicted not by men of base desires but elitist who think they know better and those with utopian dreams.

Zachery Price of the University of California Hastings College of the Law has published an abstract of his upcoming research article to be published in the 67 Vanderbilt Law Review in April 2014. In the article entitled Enforcement Discretion and Executive Duty, Price lays out the unprecedented ways President Obama has abused both his authority and obligations under the constitution. While the abstract lays out quite well the extent of the abuses, one does not need a PhD to see the dangers of the present course.

Price notes, “presidents, unlike English kings, lack authority to suspend statutes,” but the truth is even English kings, unlike their continental counterparts, were bound by constitutional limits. They had been banned since the uproar at Runnymede and the signing of the Magna Carta from exercising arbitrary rule. Through parliamentary chicanery, King George III had upset the balance of things, nonetheless, even he would have been held accountable for even attempting to do what President Obama has repeatedly done!

President Obama has changed ObamaCare 14 times (and counting) without any authority to do so. He unilaterally altered No Child Left Behind and stopped enforcement of key provisions the immigration law. He fundamentally altered the 1996 Welfare Reform Act and has ignored marijuana laws. He has showed contempt of congress by using the EPA to shutdown coal plants and recently enacted a defacto lead bullet ban by having the EPA shutdown the last lead smelting plant. The courts gave Obama one of his few setbacks when the declared his scheme to pack the NSLB illegal. The history of the Obama Administration is one of legislating without legislation and nullifying laws duly passed by congress.

It may be hard for some to decipher which is worse, the utter ignoring of individual rights and responsibilities that is the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), or the illegal means by which it has been altered. History shows that arbitrary rule is as dangerous to a society’s future as armed rebellion or invasion. When the Rule of Law is undermined and is superseded by the judgement of a man, no matter how wise or well intended, the fabric of a free society starts to tear. Each time the Rule of Law is undermined, a country is a step closer to ushering in the moment when a man’s life is no longer his own but belongs to those who can change his fortunes at their whim.

The history of mankind is one of desolating domination by those who ruled by force. The few passing instances where individual liberty was respected have been extraordinarily rare and often fleeting. The American founding fathers knew this and did all they could to thwart the encroachment of the state into the affairs of men. Today the safeguards they so carefully placed to defend American freedom are being dismantled and/or ignored. Left wing corporatist, and well meaning elitist are moving the country towards its own demise. Through it all, a public anesthetized by ignorance has set back and let it happen.

Today a rising tide of rebellion is trying to stop the slide toward tyranny and even reverse it if possible. Unless there arises a similar force within the walls of congress, their protest might be in vain. Only they that hold elected positions can pull back the power they have so recklessly ceded to a man and an office unworthy to wield it. Beyond this, a legislative rebellion by the states might be needed to halt the collapse of American liberty. If the day arrives when all these attempts have failed to thwart the demise of freedom, then only blood is left to shake the scepter of power from the fools who would use it to dominate others.

The folly of kings is the belief they know how to run the lives of others better than they do themselves. This delusion is not just the domain of despots but infects the minds of intellectuals and other egotist the world over. It is at the core of liberal ideas and directs all they do. Their goal is to lift the burden of survival from the shoulders of humanity; to provide a better life by directing them in path they themselves would not have chosen. In so doing denying them the right to pursue life, happiness and indeed even to be human. Such is the course America is on, a slow decent into the ravages of tyranny. As the point of no return approaches the pace towards it quickens and reversing it more difficult. The time to awaken the slumbering spirit of liberty is upon the people of the Untied States, if they do not soon heed the call of patriot voices long dead there will be no need to awake at all.

Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it againRonald Reagan

“The Conservative Mind”

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