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Another Christmas has arrived and again, in America the now perennial parade of militant atheist, anti-christian groups and a few separation of church and state zealots have line up as sit ins for the Grinch. Novel this year was the satanist desire to put up a display on state property for the sole purpose of defaming the holiday. Many of those attacking Christmas find it a convenient time to put their religious bigotry on display. Others mistakenly do it under the belief that a government reflecting community values is paramount to establishing a church or forbidding free exercise of people’s beliefs (what the U.S. constitution actually says).

What Christmas represents is the birth of Christ and the gift of a loving God to humanity. The date is essentially a guess and the giving of presents a quaint tradition that grown to be an integral part of Western Culture. Still, the Christmas season has become a season of celebration like no other. One that brings families together and crosses cultural divides. A holiday where good will and brotherly love become more than mere words.

Christmas is a fitting way to celebrate Jesus life and death. A man whose life has become a symbol of sacrifice for the greater good. The sole example of a deity sacrificing himself for mankind, he is also a man whose impact on humanity is greater than any other in history.

Jesus broke down the laws of God and man into two simple rules: Love God with all you have and love your neighbor as yourself. When asked who is ones neighbor he provided a parable and said everyone in need. The central characters in the parable he used to illustrate this were of different religions and cultures. To this end, most of the charity groups to this day have Christian roots.

This Christmas as the haters and the dividers go out to do their work, it behooves us all to remember why and who we celebrate. In so doing we should follow his example and creed; giving of ourselves to improve the lives of those around us. Not just the lives of family and friends but for “neighbors” the world over.

Merry Christmas.

Whatever you do to the least of these you have done it unto me” Jesus Christ

“The Conservative Mind”

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