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Laying inside a casket made from its own deceptions, Global Warming’s fate is being slowly sealed. Nailed shut as time and new discoveries reveal the extent of its folly.The once bold statements of so called experts are rarely replayed these days and for good reason.

When Al Gore predicted the Arctic Ocean would be ice free in about five years, five years ago, his goal was to scare people into supporting his carbon tax trading schemes. Today his claim, along with just about everything else he has said, looks mighty foolish. Of course, Al Gore was not the only one who made bold and ultimately laughable predictions. Dr. David Viner of the University of East Anglia’s climatic research unit, said thirteen years ago that in the next few years, winter snowfall would become “a very rare and exciting event.” Similarly, James Hansen, the NASA global warming spokesman, predicted in 1986 that the average temperature was going to rise 3 degrees by now and 6 more in the coming decade. They should not feel too bad though, the U.N. has published nearly 100 climate change predictions and not one has proven accurate.

The latest spike of truth to slam into the coffin’s lid comes in the form of a study published by a Swedish researcher. The critics of Global Warming have long cited the fact that historical records show clearly that the earth during the Medieval Warm Period, and the Roman Warm Period, were warmer than today. The strong but circumstantial evidence includes warm weather grapes grown in northern European regions and farming in Greenland. Such evidence suggested that present temperatures are not extraordinarily warm from a historical perspective. The alarmist response has been to either pretend the warm periods did not exist or infer they were not as warm as they were. The new research uses studies of vegetation, in particular tree lines on mountainous regions. Where trees grow and the speed of growth is very sensitive to temperature variations.

The study by professor Leif Kullman found what the historical record had said was true. According to his study the period around the time of Christ and from 1200 to 1600 AD were both warmer than today. Going back even further, the climate was a full 2.3 degrees Celsius warmer in the Holocene thermal optimum that ran from about 3000 to 7000 BC. So what does this mean for climate change alarmism? Simply this, it is just one more example of the how the only thing remarkable about today’s climate is the number of jokers trying to exploit it for personal gain.

The real inconvenient truth for alarmist these days is not that the earth hasn’t warmed like they said it would nor is it the ice caps are not disappearing, it is that quite the opposite is happening. The Arctic ice has increased 50% in the last year alone and the Antarctic ice sheet is increasing beyond anything ever measured before. The current winter is setting records for cold and snow across the U.S. and the rest of the world is not looking too warm either. In fact, even severe weather, the mainstay of climate disaster scenarios, is actually on the decrease.

What Climatologist are slowly coming to realize is what most people already knew, the main driver of the earth’s climate is the sun. Other factors like the oceans, water vapor and processes yet unknown, also have a significant, but not fully understood, impact. What does not have a large impact is the extremely weak greenhouse gas known as CO2.

With sun spot activity reaching abnormal lows, the real threat is likely a change towards global cooling. The earth’s natural rhythm of climatic fluctuation looks to be moving back towards a cooler trend. The Little Ice Age is an example of how quickly climate can change. People within a generation people could no longer farm the same crops and were facing starvation. It showed the earth can become a much less hospitable place in relatively short order. If, or more likely when, this happens again the world is going to need all its resources to face the associated problems of a cooler climate, especially its fossil fuel resources.

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