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Child EuthanasiaIn Belgium they are on verge of legalizing the murder of children by medical professionals. The term used is of course not murder, but euthanasia. Already with some of the most liberal euthanasia laws in the world, the government of Belgium sees children as the next logical step. The Belgians have already approved “assisted death ” for the terminal ill, elderly, and even the mentally troubled. That 32% of those killed under the current law are not willing participants seems not to bother them in the least. For the Belgians, death is the ultimate form of compassionate relief for those who are deemed to suffer too much. That it is cheaper than treatment is, of course, not lost on them either.

In the United Sates the slippery slope has not progressed so far, but given the euthanasia movements successes in Oregon, the prospects for similar laws is not so far fetched. State sanctioned murder is after all a natural outcome of the socialist mind set. Rousseau, arguably the  father of socialist thought, said quite plainly in his book The Social Contract that if the state says to a man he should die, die he should. Nor, was Rousseau the only one to promote the idea of state sanctioned murder and/or assisted suicide. Marx advocated it too as did many others at the turn of the twentieth century. It is only natural that a state that cares for you, educates you, and directs your life should also have the right to decide when to end it as well.

When, under Hitler, Germany’s National Socialist took the idea to its ultimate grizzly end, the world recoiled but it seems only at the scale; the idea itself remains part of the lefts playbook. When Sarah Palin brought death panels to the forefront during the debates over ObamaCare she was ridiculed; today many advocates for ObamaCare are now championing the idea as the only way to control healthcare cost. The elitist, quite rightly, are claiming that those with lingering healthcare problems need to be weeded out of a bureaucrat run system in order for it to succeed. For them, it is just common sense that if the state is in charge of your healthcare, it by default is in charge of your life and your death. Of course, the advocates of what is essentially euthanasia by withholding treatment do not advocate this standard for themselves, it something that only applies to the little people; those great unwashed masses for whom the elites continually express their unending compassion (and disdain).

The efforts underway in Belgium are merely a small step away from postpartum abortion. The killing of unwanted babies and young children is a practice advocated by many in the left leaning halls of academia. The justification for such a brutal policy is simply a belief that those too young to understand life are not truly alive anyway. Given such a trend, not only in Belgium but across Europe and parts of the U.S., one has to wonder if the world will one day owe an apology to Hitler. Although the Nazi’s ethnic based program of annihilation was not exactly the same, and the scales at present are different, the end game is the same. The idea that some members of society are more deserving of life than others is at the heart of the euthanasia movement, healthcare death panels and Hitler’s Final Solution. The concept that we are all created equal, endowed from our creator with certain inalienable rights, including life, is foreign to those who like to claim they hold the moral high ground.

The truth is, for the left morality is a moldable and changeable concept, for them there are not hard and fast rules of life or otherwise. A family is whatever they declare it to be and the same for marriage. Sexual gratification and the glorification of it trumps the right of kids to be safe and grow up at their own pace. Personal responsibility is a quaint and old fashion concept in a world where everyone is a victim. To the liberal mind nothing is sacrosanct, not even life itself. Moral anarchy and rule by the an aristocracy of liberal elites is the vision and the end result of the path they seek. Theirs is a world where the value of a child’s life can be put to a vote and worth of soul is calculated in dollars and cents.

“The Conservative Mind”

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